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19 Things You'll TOTALLY Get If You Went To An All-Girls School!

19 Things You'll TOTALLY Get If You Went To An All-Girls School!

Going to an all girls’ school seemed like the worst thing that could happen to you as a teenager! It’s as though you were sectioned off into your own world - girl world - while the rest of your friends got to grow up “fraternizing” with boys! Girl world did have it’s amazing perks, though! Have a read of these - we’re sure anyone who went to a girls’ school will totally relate!

1. No matter what they say about becoming a lady, you know all too well that lunchtime was not a pretty affair

The stampede scene in the Lion King really doesn't even compare to what the race to the canteen looks like. all girls school 1

2. Gossip is basically your second language - in fact, you’re bilingual

You can spread gossip faster than a fire can spread in a room full of petrol - this is fact. And you have been a victim of it too!

3. Crushes were taken to a whole new level

There is always - always one ridiculously good looking male teacher. Or an average-looking one who SEEMS gorgeous for the lack of boys in your life. Either way, you + him = every daydream (especially in his class!)

4. The phrase "OMG do not tell anyone!" was something you heard on a daily basis

This clearly translated into "only tell one more person" (who will tell one more person, who will tell yet another person, DUH). all girls school 3

5. There is genuine truth, logic and science behind FLAMES, and most of your break times between classes were spent playing it and determining your future

Hrithik Roshan. OMG, I swear I will change my name if it lands on E-for-enemy! Or worse, S-for-sister!

6. You and your group of friends are absolute pros when it comes to choreographing dances for sangeets

Um, hello - what did YOU do during activity period?! Actually learn an instrument? Hah!

7. Meeting boys was like being let out of the zoo for the day

And if they were doing a play at your school, and happened to walk through the cafeteria at lunch time - there would be staring, analysing and complete interrogation as to who this stranger was! all girls school 7

8. Talking about boys...

There was always one of your friends, who had a brother, and went to an all-boys school. This girl was basically idolized by all!

9. Beauty choices did become a little laxed...

For example: waxing your legs and arms, during the winter, was more than entirely optional. It’s all going to be covered up anyway!

10. There are countless ways to customize your uniform. COUNTLESS!

Whether you were part of the crew that didn’t wear your belts with your salwaar kameez, or knew how to work that hitched up skirt and knee-high socks look - this is a skill you’ve mastered!

11. You are basically a relationship guru/crisis management extraordinaire

After all, you and your friends have, accidentally, walked into at least two of more bathroom crises in your time at school - where someone was undoubtedly in tears!
all girls school 11

12. There was no way to move around school without linking arms with your BFF

It just wasn’t an option to walk any other way, plus you had SO much to talk about since last period! (And when she was sick in bed, you actually felt a bit lost.)

13. The movies weren’t lying: there IS a pecking order

And there is that table of girls, in every single year group, and no, you do NOT want to sit with them! But you’ll still fake-smile at them when you pass them in the corridor, of course.

14. Nobody really cares to dress up for a regular day...

But as soon as inter-school fest season arrives, all your unused makeup comes out in full force! Lipstick, kajal, hey, does anyone have an eyeshadow brush?! all girls school 9

15. Who cares if you’re topping your class in maths?! You’ll still convince your parents that you need tuitions for the next chapter.

Arre, tuitions are toh obviously going to be co-ed na. WIN!

16. The first girl in class to get a boyfriend was basically the unofficial prom queen for life

And heaven help him if he had a bike and came to pick her up from school - at least 17 other girls would instantly fall in love with him! And ask her if he has any hot friends! ;-)

17. There was that boys-only school that shared a boundary wall with your school...

But even with the little distance separating you, you only ever met the guys at inter-school dances and competitions! Which you got excited about weeks in advance! all girls school 5

18. There is no such thing as eating “like a girl”

Give us those paranthas with dripping ghee even today. Arre, it won’t be wedding season for another 2 months na, it’s all fine!

19. The group of girlfriends you made at school are the ones you will have for life.

No one has seen you hairier, hungrier and, err, boy-crazier - and let’s be honest: if you can make it through girl-world together, you can definitely conquer this world! Images: Tumblr MUST-READ: What We REALLY Talk About In The Loo With Our Besties! MUST-READ: 11 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get If You Were A “Late Bloomer”!
Published on Aug 13, 2015
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