17 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was 17!

17 Things I  Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was 17!
Seventeen is a tricky number. We’re at that age where we know almost everything there is to know, yet we’re not entirely sure about what we want for ourselves! We think we know, but in reality, VERY few, lucky 17-year-olds actually know! Since we’re so good at pretending to be way more mature than we actually are, people often forget to tell us things that we really need to hear at this stage. So, here are 17 words of wisdom we wish we had known at 17!

1. Don’t concentrate on pleasing everyone. Know who your real friends are and stick by them.

Because a few years down the line, you will realize it’s only a handful of people who stuck by you. They’re the one’s who are always going to be in your life. Not the rest of them, and most certainly NOT the people you wanted so badly to please.

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2. No boy is worth fighting over with your best friend!

Your best friend will have your back even when everyone else you know right now may or may not be in your life. Don’t dent your relationship with her!

3. Scoring badly in an exam does NOT mean your life is ruined.

Seriously! Don’t let your marks determine what you go on to do in life. Follow your dreams and passions and don’t let anyone tell you that you CAN’T do something you know you can!

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4. Your breakup with your high school sweetheart is NOT end of the world.

Life will go on and you will eventually meet someone you’re meant to be with. So, don’t waste your tears!

5. If you’re freaking out about being confused, just know this - you’re not alone.

Don’t believe anyone who says they have their life on track and know exactly what they want. You will be figuring your life out for the next few years and that's okay! You will eventually know what you want from life. Till then, don’t stress. Some of the best years of your life are right ahead of you!

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6. Don’t obsess over the friends you had a falling out with. And don’t let that fight ruin your year!

Take what you had with them as a lesson for the future. Whether it was your fault or theirs, what has happened has happened. Move on. You’re yet to make some of the greatest friends you will ever have in life.

7. Listen to your parents a little more than you actually want to!

Yes, you’re smart, but you haven’t had nearly as much experience as your parents. They happen to know what they’re talking about. They’ve been there done that, remember?

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8. But it’s okay to disagree with them once in a while.

If you really disagree with what they’re saying, speak up! They’re your parents - they will eventually try to look at the situation through your perspective. So, don’t just hang your head low and walk away, have an honest conversation with them and let them know what you're thinking.

9. If you have siblings, talk to them more often. Or just talk to them!

Turns out, they can be pretty cool. And you will actually find a great friend in them.

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10. Don’t shy away from asking questions.

Whether it’s to your teacher in class or someone you met who could give you great advice - don’t be shy or embarrassed about asking what's on your mind. Exploit the opportunities you get now! You will never learn if you don’t ask.

11. Step up and face your fears.

Stage fright? Get up on that stage and perform like no one’s looking! Scared to try out a sport? Get on that field! Who cares if you aren’t as good at it as someone else?! If you never try, you will never know what you could be super good at!

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12. Yes, you enjoy your junk food (a lot), but slow down a little!

Just a little! Learn to treat your body right from now itself. Your future self, with a slower metabolic rate than your present self, will thank you one day!

13. Own up to your mistakes.

You don’t want to feel guilty about getting that sweet innocent girl massively in trouble at school years down the line! If you’ve messed up, accept and apologize. It will not make you a lesser person.

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14. You CAN say no to things that make you uncomfortable.

Whatever it may be and whoever may be asking you to do it. You never “have to” do anything you don’t want to. Just say no if you’re not comfortable or ready yet. You will get plenty of opportunities to try everything you want later in life! Just wait a few years!

15. People will only treat you the way you let them.

So, don’t let them use you, put you down, mock you or make you think that they’re better than you. Stand up for yourself!

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16. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

If there is something you don’t agree with, speak up! Don’t hold back your thoughts just because the majority is siding with someone else or from fear of not seeming “cool” enough.  Support what you believe to be right. You will be proud of yourself in the years to come, trust us.

17. Don’t waste time stressing out about the future. Live in the moment.

This time will never come back! Life ahead will be great, but your life at 17 is the simplest, most fun your life will ever be. Don’t waste it worrying about what college you AND your friends will get into. That will sort itself out. Enjoy this time and live in the moment as much as you can!

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