women who do not like makeup

17 Things You Get If You're A Girl Who Does NOT Like Makeup!

Smriti Notani

Guest Contributor

You’re not one to spend hours in front of the mirror putting on makeup, and most of your friends are not at all like you! But you like to stay true to who you are and wear makeup only when absolutely necessary or when you’re in the mood – and that’s okay! We bet you’ll totally relate to the following list, you natural beauty, you!

1. People assume you’re a tomboy.

Just because I don’t like makeup? Logical Assumptions 101.

women who do not like makeup 1

2. You don’t understand the concept of a bare-faced selfie because all your selfies are bare-faced!

#NoMakeup jokes.

women who dont like makeup 2

3. You don’t quite understand why other women take so long to get ready.

You just have to throw on some clothes, right?

women who dont like makeup 3

4. You don’t know why your friends keep disappearing to go to the washroom when you all are out clubbing.

What is a touch-up?


5. You don’t have the patience to put on winged eyeliner!

Both eyes have to match?

women who dont like makeup 5

6. You hate that your mom expects you to put on makeup for random people’s weddings.

Meri shaadi nahin hai, maa!

6 resized

7. You can’t believe people put on so much makeup in an attempt to look natural.

Does no one else see the irony here?

7 resized

8. Your face feels heavy when you do wear makeup.

Some THING is on my face.

8 resized

9. You get super-annoyed when people say dumb things like: “You’re lucky you don’t need makeup.”

Who actually NEEDS makeup?!

resized 9

10. You eat up your lipstick in a matter of minutes.

Yummmm! NOT.

resized 10

11. The minute you actually put on even a little bit of makeup, everyone passes comments about you!

Like, back off, people!

women who do not like makeup 11

12. You save a lot of money because you own precisely 3 makeup products.

Frugality FTW!

women who do not like makeup 12

13. If you put on some makeup for a date, the guy better understand how special he is.


women who do not like makeup 13

14. What is HD makeup? What is a primer?


women who do not like makeup 14

15. Your things actually do fit into tiny clutches when you do go out.

Keys and money, right? Of course they do!

women who do not like makeup 15

16. You just don’t understand the concept of going to a salon to get your makeup done and paying a bomb for something that will melt off your face in a few hours!

Thanks, but no thanks?

women who do not like makeup 16

17. You’re actually worried what will happen the day you get married since you hate wearing makeup!

Put as little as possible, please?

women who do not like makeup 17

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Published on Jul 07, 2015
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