#CallMeMaybe: How To Turn Your First Date Into A Second One!

#CallMeMaybe: How To Turn Your First Date Into A Second One!
Dating can be fun, exciting and nerve-wracking - all at once! And the butterflies in your stomach usually go beyond the first date – yup, they may even last the first few months! This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because along with the butterflies comes this tingly, happy feeling. You know the kind, don’t you? Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, first let’s make sure that first date leads to something more! We definitely believe in going with the flow, but we sure can give you a few pointers that can help ensure a Date Number Two. You are welcome!!

1. Do send a text saying you had a good time

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being honest! In fact, there’s a chance he was waiting to tell you the same thing and was just feeling shy. This is a great way to open up further conversation, while obviously seeming like the empowered woman you totally are!

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2. Resist the urge to make it full of emoticons

No, that dancing lady in the red dress is not allowed in this message. Period!

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3. Don’t message him the minute he’s out of your sight!

When it comes to the dating game, timing is everything! While you may want to message him the minute he drops you home (major brownie points to the guy if he did drop you), wait a little before you text him. There is such a thing as TOO soon. (Psst! “Hope you got had a hassle-free trip back home!” the next morning is allowed!)

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4.  #Latergram! Resist the urge to use social media

Firstly, it’s rude to be doing this while you are actually on a date! Secondly, even if you clicked some pictures of him or the two of you, he may not want it all over social media. To avoid an awkward conversation, just avoid doing this! Putting details of your date on Facebook may mean you are coming on too strong. Also, it’s a bit weird given that this was only your first date with him.

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5. Don’t force him to say he had a good time too

Now, about that texting - you will know how he feels by the way he texts you! Don’t force him to say he had a good time. That’s NOT how it’s done, girl.

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6. Don’t call him to say you were missing his voice!

Unless you actually want him to save your number as Creepy Stalker Girl.

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7. Let things take their own course

While we are sharing some tips, nothing is foolproof! Things go as fast or slow as the two people involved like them to. So, if it’s going well, just roll with it. Your second date could be the next day or the next month – that doesn’t make it wrong or right!

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8. If he hasn’t yet asked you for a second date yet, don’t go on sulking about it

Say he hasn’t asked you to meet again - don’t lose heart. Some guys take their own sweet time. Maybe he’s shy, maybe he’s playing hard to get, maybe he just likes taking things easy. Whatever it is, don’t start whining to him. That’s certainly not going to help the situation. (And don’t post passive-aggressive “God, my expectations are not being made” type messages on any social media platform. They WILL come back bite you in the backside.)

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9. Stop liking everything he puts up on social media!

The wait can be super-annoying, and we understand that you need to do something in the meanwhile! Feel free to stalk him on Instagram by all means. But no matter how much you want to double tap his face (wait, that sounds wrong!) please resist the urge.

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10. When he does call, don’t be all high-pitched and over-excited - even if that’s how you feel!

You’re allowed to be excited. You just got asked on a second date with a guy you like! All the feels are totally inevitable. Just don’t scare him off! (Do yourself a happy little jig in private, AFTER the call.) :-)

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P.S.: While you’re waiting for things to happen, here are a few GREAT ways to keep the conversation going, without being boring or awkward!

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