What's YOUR Flirting Style? Here's What Your Sun Sign Says!

What's YOUR Flirting Style? Here's What Your Sun Sign Says!
The flirtation game can be a strong indicator of what’s to come in a relationship! Your zodiac sign reveals, all too well, what your flirting strengths (and, at times, weaknesses) are! Read on to discover what it is about you that makes you oh-so irresistible to a prospective partner!

1. Aries

zodiac flirting style aries

You aren’t afraid to assert your sexiness. When you set your sights on a hottie, you want them to know you’re interested. Your confidence is your strength and that’s what attracts admirers to you. Be yourself and find a partner who appreciates your gutsy style!

Flirting Style: Bold and beautiful!

2. Taurus

zodiac flirting styles taurus

Your subtle and wistful approach to flirting captivates prospective partners! The way you go about being yourself, in a demure manner, is what lures them towards you. You are likely to flirt in a hesitant manner until you know the guy is actually into you, which often keeps you from making the first move -but your sensual vibe is so strong that you don’t often need to. Just send out the signals and be prepared for action!

Flirting Style: Sweet and sensual!

3. Gemini

zodiac flirting styles gemini

You have such a way with words, don’t you, Gemini?! This strong sense of sass and wit make you extremely hard to resist when you flirt with someone, so long as they can keep your mind, body and soul engaged! Your flirtation goes beyond words, as you have a strong sense of how to use body language to your advantage!

Flirting Style: Smart and sassy!

4. Cancer

zodiac flirting styles cancer

Cancerians make for keen observers, as such they are excellent at flirting in an intuitive manner! You are able to read people’s verbal cues and act upon them in a way that leaves the other party mesmerized! You enjoy the to-and-fro routine, so long as you know you can trust your flirtation won’t be misread.

Flirting Style: Attentive and adorable!

5. Leo

flirt leo

Ever the lioness, your dominating personality is what works for you in the flirting game! You can be demure, but this is only your way of seducing your object of interest! But when you fall for someone, your sensitive and caring side comes out, often when it’s least expected, and this is where your flirtatious charm comes from!

Flirting Style: Demure but daring!

6. Virgo

flirt virgo

You have a reserved but strong sexual vibe that others find intriguing. Your subtle body language draws people to wonder what’s going on inside that head of yours! If an admirer has the courage to breach your reserve, they will delight in your flirtatious side, which stems from your considerable sensuality and intelligence.

Flirting Style: Relaxed and romantic!

7. Libra

flirt libra

A Libran likes to demonstrate her perfectionism and well-balanced nature to make men fall for her. You know all too well just how beautiful you are, inside and out, and this confident aura works wonders for you when it comes to flirting! Knowledge and humour are the two weapons you are most likely to rely on.

Flirting Style: Practically perfect!

8. Scorpio

FLIRT scorpio

When it comes to flirting, you have more than just one technique up your sleeve! You can be subtly sexy or outrageously upfront about things, depending on your mood! You have the distinct ability to captivate admirers. When combined with your heart and soul, your flirting finesse makes you impossible to resist.

Flirting Style: Sexy and sultry!

9. Sagittarius

flirt sagittarius

You know how to bring your A-game to the flirting table! You’re confident enough about yourself to give away more than a few personal stories from your past (though, this sometimes gets you in trouble!). What makes you most attractive is your lighthearted and zestful approach towards life and love, which means you will do your fair share of teasing to test the waters! However, it’s not all talk with you — the element of surprise, with some spontaneous touching, is also part of your bag of flirting tricks.

Flirting Style: Perky and provocative!

10. Capricorn

flirt capricorn

You are quite reserved when it comes to flirting, but this just adds to your mystique - others become instantly inquisitive about what’s behind your cool and collected exterior! When your sensuality is aroused, you will find yourself engaging in flirtatious gestures unknowingly and this will convey the fact that love being touched.

Flirting Style: Candidly captivating!

11. Aquarius

flirt aquarius

You’re not really a flirt, right? Little do you know that your uniquely charming ways are endearing enough to make others believe that you are actively flirting with them! You are a natural when it comes to humour and flirt especially well when in a group situation - where you get both the attention of your would-be lover and an audience to go along with it!

Flirting Style: Charmingly charismatic!

12. Pisces

flirt pisces

Fanciful flirtation is a game the Piscean woman knows all too well! Despite being shy, at times, you don’t have to say much to get your seductive aura across - your aura does all the talking for you! Sensitivity and insightfulness are your strengths, and when you do open up, and your imagination allows you to try on different personas when flirting, which only intrigues people more!

Flirting Style: Playfully passionate!

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