Pyaar Dosti Hai? What Happens When You Start Seeing A Friend!

Pyaar Dosti Hai? What Happens When You Start Seeing A Friend!
From friend to boyfriend - that's a transition that’ll land you with as many sweet head-rushes as awkward blushes. It's not a change that just you and your guy-friend-turned-boyfriend will make in your lives, but also one that your other friends will have to adjust to. If you’re thinking about taking that big step - or you are dating your friend already - sneak a quick peek into what happens...

1. You start running away together from your other friends!

People around you will start noticing your sudden, unexplained disappearances from every plan they make, because you're too busy making more exciting ones with your boyfriend. And they notice his absence too!

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2. And your friends return the favour

Of course, they’re happy for the two of you, but your PDA moments get a little awkward for them. You must admit it’s a bit weird to see two of your friends suddenly getting very handsy with each other! You might find that they’re making plans without the two of you - at least until that honeymoon phase, where you can barely keep your hands off each other, wears off!

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3. Meeting the family becomes a bit awkward

Earlier, you could simply chill with his brother or sister or even his mom without caring about being judged... But now you’re suddenly super-conscious about his family, and whether they approve of you or not!

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4. Old crushes become a very touchy subject

Now, since the two of you have been friends, you know pretty much all about each other’s relationship histories, including the tiniest crush. And when you come across one another’s crushes, it gets super-uncomfortable. And God forbid that you run into each other’s exes!

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5. But those OFFICIAL dates make you go weak in the knees!

Yes, you've watched so many movies and gobbled down so much food together - but an official date, when he dresses up and takes you out…it’s something different altogether! You may have hugged a million times before, but now it’s just...more special!

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6. You also start feeling conscious around him

We aren't saying that you’ll suddenly start dressing up around him all the time, but yeah you'll probably be pretty sure to at least don some cute lingerie - ‘cause now you never know what may happen when!

dating your friend

7. Oh, there will also be a set of adorable new nicknames

Yeah, you called each other the silliest things as friends. But now you’ll both find yourselves calling each other more cutesy names. And giggling about it too!

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8. But you’ll never be stuck for conversation

People talk about awkward silences with their partners - not you two, though! After all, you were friends first. You already know how the other person feels about most things, and what brings a smile to his face. You find yourselves having AMAZING conversations - especially now that you know that you’re going to be in each other’s lives as not just a friend but a really special someone!

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9. And last, but not the least, people WILL say “I told you so!”

You know all those people - your cousin, his aunt, your other friends - who, over the years, said you guys would make a great couple? You’ll have to live with their smug looks! But who cares if they were right and are making a big deal about it? You guys are thrilled to be together. After all, pyaar dosti hai!

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