Nap, Snore, Dead To The World: What Is YOUR Sleeping Style?

Nap, Snore, Dead To The World: What Is YOUR Sleeping Style?
Your sleeping style is NOT about the position you stretch out on your bed in, but those extra or scant hours you sleep - or the way you sleep - to function! Whether you spend your waking hours dozing off into sleep, or those late-night hours wishing for sleep to come to you - you reveal personality traits that are unique to you. Never knew how your sleeping habits were revealing your character? Don’t worry, we have it all figured out for you...

1. If you NEVER get enough of sleep

Your eyes refuse to open in the morning, refuse to stay open at night, and refuse to not droop with sleep any moment of the day when you’re bored.... Whoever said 8 hours of sleep was enough - what were they thinking, right? You've even tried 12 hours, and that's made you crave for more too! Well, if this is you, then happy news - you are a total go-getter! You set your expectations high and are not satisfied with little successes. You need and want more from life ALWAYS - just like you need and want more sleep from your day!

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2. If alarm clocks have absolutely no power over you

No number of alarm clocks or repeated snooze buttons could ever wake you up from that sweet, sweet sleep. We'll just say you are that person who dedicates her heart and soul to everything she does, without ever letting distractions ruin her moment!

sleeping style 2

3. If sleep just ELUDES you

The only reason you loved exam-time was because you could call anyone and FIND them awake, instead of figuring out innovative ways of entertaining yourself through those long sleepless nights. If sleep doesn’t figure in your basic needs to function well, then you're probably a pool of hyperactive energy, who simply can't bear one idle moment. You need to keep things running, even when the world decides to grant them a few hours’ rest - and that is why you often live each day a bit more than others!

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4. If you like to sing through your nose while sleeping

Because you are already denying that you snore (come on, we are sure EVERYONE in your family has testified to this already!), we know you are a confident girl who will stand up for what SHE believes in - even if the entire world is literally challenging her!

sleeping style -4

5. If you live on short naps alone

You can pretty much ward off all troubles and absorb everything the world throws at you in just a quick hour's sleep! You're the resilient leader who can bounce back from all of life's struggles, with the least struggle and maximum efficiency. There is absolutely nothing that can stop you!

sleeping style 7

6. If you sleep with one eye open

A ninja may tiptoe into your room, light as a feather, in the middle of the night - but you'll still catch him mid-step! Being alert AT ALL TIMES is your superpower, and you're often dubbed the Sherlock in your group for spotting those little things nobody even knew existed!

sleeping style 6

7. If you sleep like a vampire does

Yep, awake all night, and willing to sleep through any other time of day. You’re basically a rebel and non-conformist. You do not believe in living by other people’s rules - you have OWN rules and principles to live by!

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