Cafe, Bar, Park?! Where Are YOU Going For That Second Date?

Cafe, Bar, Park?! Where Are YOU Going For That Second Date?
While first dates can be slightly nerve-wracking, second dates can sometimes be slightly more stressful. You’ve been on one date and have an idea about what you think about the person and where you would want things to go, but you’re not sure about what they’re thinking! While there is no way to know exactly what's going on in their mind, there always are some subtle hints you can gauge clues from - the venue he chooses for your second date being one of the most outright ones. We help you figure out a few venues you’re likely to have your second date at:

1. A Chilled Out Cafe

He’s clearly trying to keep things easy-breezy casual between the two of you. The fact that you’re on a second date with him tells you that he is, in fact, interested enough to take things further, but he’s not exactly looking at jumping into a relationship just yet!

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2. A Fancy Restaurant

The boy is trying to impress you! You’ve probably created quite the impression on him and he’s just trying to impress you right back. Fancy dining may not do the trick completely, but hey, we appreciate the effort, right? ;)

3. A Funky Bar

He is definitely looking to have a good time! He’s putting in effort and wants you to notice. He’s looking for just the right amount of conversation and flirting. So, let your hair down and go with it!

second date venue 3

4. A Movie

A movie for a second date is always a safe option. If you two meet over a movie, the possibility of awkward silences goes down automatically! While you can figure out a lot about his personality by the kind of movie he chooses to watch, it also makes for a great topic of conversation afterwards. So, roll with it!

5. A Casual Lounge

He’s not in a rush to take things forward. He wants this date to be a fairly relaxed one with lots of conversation. He’s really keen on getting to know you and telling you about himself before moving ahead with things!

second date venue 5

6. A Night Club

He wants to have a night he will remember! And hopefully, you will too. While he may be interested in getting to know you, of course, he’s also looking to “live it up”!

7. A Park

If he’s asking you out to a park for a nice, easy lunch or coffee date, he isn’t afraid to be alone with you, without being surrounded by any means of entertainment. He probably feels a connection with you and is just looking to spend some quality time!

second date venue 7

8. At Home

Since it’s only your second date, an at-home date is slightly away from the usual. If you both agree on staying away from the crowd, it’s a great idea! Not that we’re suggesting anything, but MAYBE, he just cannot wait to take things forward with you!

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