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Want To Text Your Crush At Night? Here's How To Start!

Want To Text Your Crush At Night? Here's How To Start!

Let’s face it: there’s some ridiculous reason why texting your crush at night time just feels 1000x better than texting during the day! Is it the fact that you’re both meant to be asleep? Is it the fact that you’re both lying down in bed? Who knows! But the point remains - it feels awesome! What sucks though, is beyond the most overused line in the book, “What’s up?”, it’s pretty difficult to strike up a convo with the crush without feeling a tad desperate! After all, we all want to seem cool and not clingy, right?

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Here are 12 brilliant alternative conversation starters to text your crush! (May the night be happy for you!!)

1. The (basic) concerned individual

“How was your day today?” This is a general text that doesn’t give much away, but lends itself to a reply!

2. The element of intrigue

“You won’t believe what happened to me today!” A text like this raises a certain amount of intrigue and is a surefire way to start up an interesting conversation! Just make sure you did, err, actually have an interesting day! (Or iron out your details well in advance so that you don’t get caught in a web of lies!) texting crush at night

3. The current-affairs convo

“Have you watched Dil Dhadakne Do yet?” Of course, this can be extended to sports games, politics and the like… but try to keep matters lighthearted!

4. Fake some fate

“Wow, so random - was thinking about you, and a picture of you popped up on my newsfeed! Been ages, how are you?” This move works well if you haven’t texted your crush lately, or have run out of things to say to him! texting crush at night 5

5. The faithful follow-up

“I had a really great time today, we should do it again soon!” Of course, this one only works when you have actually seen your crush in the same day! It’s a nice way to communicate to him that you enjoy his company!

6. The make-him-wonder message

“I had a dream about you” You can pretty much go anywhere with this one - it’s totally up to you how you elaborate! texting your crush at night 6

7. The 4 a.m. friend

“Can’t sleep, you awake?” If he’s up - brilliant! If not, he’ll hopefully text back in the morning, and then voila! The whole day is set up for you guys to text away!

8. The forward thinker

“Natasha’s having a party this Friday, are you going?” This one’s kind of cool, because it’s non specific. You could have sent out the message to multiple recipients! Plus it’s a great way of easing towards having a date together - WITHOUT any pressure! texting crush at night 4

9. The philosopher

“Do you ever wonder about [insert topic of interest]?” Honestly, just type whatever picks your fancy. Who knows, maybe it’ll start one of those conversations that last all night - and help you two to get to know one another better!

10. The gamer

“Would you rather be famous or be rich?” This also works with: “Do you want to play Truth?” and “Let’s play Never Have I Ever” - it’s playful and it’s fun! texting crush at night 3

11. The confessions convo

“What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” Find out more about your crush without him even realizing what you’re doing!

12. The good girl

“Hope you had a nice day :-)” Coz, you know, you really do hope he had a good day - so what’s the harm in putting it out there for him to know too? And by texting you good night, it might just even lead to him having a better one! texting crush at night 2 Images: Giphy MUST-READ: DON’T TaLK LyK DiS! 12 Rules For Texting A Guy You Like MUST-READ: 29 Crazy Thoughts We ALL Have When He Doesn’t Text Back!
Published on Jul 10, 2015
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