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8 Times In Life We KNOW Men & Women Are From Different Planets

8 Times In Life We KNOW Men & Women Are From Different Planets
You know that eternal Mars vs Venus debate? It's quite true! Because though we're all the same species, men and women ALWAYS differ in certain aspects. We’ve put together a list of some hilarious ways in which men and women are SO different from each other!

1. Packing For The Holidays

Women: We like being well-prepared. We start gathering items to be packed days before, have our lists ready and pack well in advance! You never know what you might need, so carrying extra items (just in case) is always a good idea, right?

Men: Start the night before. Wrap up in 20 minutes.

how men and women are different

2. The Art Of Multitasking

Women: Women are just natural-born multi taskers. Juggling work, home, grocery runs, food, talking, all at once - no problem! It does not even begin to count as stress!

Men: “I have to pick up groceries on the way back home. How can I possibly do it while being on this never-ending work call?! AND I’m driving! Can a man never get a break?!” *stressed*

3. Inferring Text Messages

Women: “Hmm, he said “Haha” and nothing after. Did he just want to end the conversation? Not sure what that means. Could he just be going “haha” because he thought I was funny. I should stop thinking. Why won’t he respond?!”

Men: “Haha? She obviously thinks I’m hilarious.”

how men and women are different

4. One-Word Responses: “K”

Women: When a woman says “K” and nothing else before or after, it’s not the greatest sign! “I better get a long, apologetic text now” is what she's really thinking.

Men- “K” - Okay!

5. Going To The Bathroom In Groups

Women: “I’m going to the ladies room, does anyone want to come along?” 5 hands shoot up. All go to the bathroom.

Men: “I’ll just be back from the loo, guys”. Friend gets up to go with him. “Dude, stop following me to the loo. That’s creepy!”

how men and women are different

6. When Someone They Like Is Coming Over

Women: “He’ll be here in 45 mins. I should start getting ready. Can’t wait!”

Men: “She’ll be here in 20 mins. I better start cleaning this place up a bit!”

7. Talking About A Make-Out Session

Women: When we start seeing someone new, the first kiss, for instance, is exciting! And we like to talk about it with our girls. And their reaction goes something like: “Oh my god! This is so exciting. How was it? Tell us EVERYTHING.”

Men: “Yea, we kissed”. Friends: “Cool.”

how men and women are different

8. Going Shopping

Women: Women love to browse, search, browse again, hop on to the next store, browse some more, return to the previous store, proceed to the billing counter. That’s just how we roll. Never know when you might find something better than what you first loved!

Men: Enter. See. Buy. “Beer, anyone?”

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