How To Look Fresh & FAB Even When You're Travelling!

How To Look Fresh & FAB Even When You're Travelling!
As much as we enjoy our share of travel, whether it’s for work or on vacay, it does take a toll on our skin! Especially since there’s no way you can take every single product you use with you, or stick to your usual beauty routine while you’re on the go. But the good news is that travel and beauty don’t have to be mutually exclusive! You may not get to carry everything you want or treat your skin the way you do at home, but with a few little tweaks here and there, you can get by just fine! Which is why we bring you these 8 amazing makeup and beauty tips for you to follow when you’re travelling.

1. Always Keep Wipes In Your Bag

You will be thanking us for this one! Smudged your eyeliner? No problem! Need to wipe your face clean to freshen up? Done. Keep these close, and you are half sorted.

travel friendly makeup tips


2. Switch your light moisturizer for a slightly thicker cream

Whether you’re travelling by road, water or air, long hours of journey can dehydrate your skin. Apply a heavier moisturizer or cream instead of what you normally put on. This will ensure that your skin remains hydrated for longer.

3. Ditch The Foundation

If you’re travelling, especially long hours, your foundation will dry up and eventually begin to crack or look uneven. If you want coverage, use the light and handy Pond’s BB Cream instead - with SPF 30. This product acts as a moisturizer, foundation, concealer and sunscreen all rolled into one! And given the fact that you’re on the go, what better than to have this all-in-one product with you at all times?! Look your best despite the long hours of travel!

4. Skip The Long-Lasting Lipsticks

Again, long-lasting lipsticks will dehydrate your lips and parch your mouth. If you want some colour, go for a tinted lip balm or a lipgloss instead - easy to top up and refresh every few hours!

travel friendly makeup tips

5. Use Some Crushed Ice To Soothe Those Puffy Eyes

Reading books or magazines all your way? Not getting any sleep on your journey? Or just having way too much fun to rest your eyes?! You are more likely to end up with puffy swollen eyes while travelling. All you need to do is crush some ice, put it in a cloth and apply it to your eyes. You will immediately look and feel fresher!

6. Stick To A Nude Shade Of Nail Paint

Give that bright nail colour a miss, at least on your fingernails, and go for a neutral shade instead. Even if your nail paint does chip, putting on a pretty nude shade makes it much harder to detect.

travel friendly makeup tips

7. Keep Your Hand Cream Close...

Dry hands can be super irritating! And that is the last thing you want while you’re travelling. Keep the skin on your hands from peeling off or becoming flaky by slathering on hand cream generously!

8. And Your Hand Sanitizer Closer!

You are bound to pick up germs here and there while on you’re travelling or on your vacay. And since we just can’t seem to keep our hands off our faces, keeping our hand sanitizer ready is a must! After all, you don’t want your skin breaking out and those pimples ruining your lovely holiday pictures or that big speech at that conference!

travel friendly makeup tips

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*This is a sponsored post for Pond's BB Cream.

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