19 Crazy Thoughts We ALL Have When We Have Nothing To Wear!

19 Crazy Thoughts We ALL Have When We Have Nothing To Wear!
No matter how much we actually shop, we sometimes - well, pretty much all the time - end up feeling like we have absolutely nothing to wear. Story of our lives, right? And almost like a rule of the universe, we feel it all the more when we have to go someplace important! So it’s only natural that we go a little crazy while staring into our (technically full) wardrobes. Don’t you worry, girl, we totally get it!

1. Where are all my GOOD clothes?

nothing to wear 1

2. None of these are wearable! What was I thinking when I bought them?

nothing to wear 2

3. I should stop listening to people when they tell me I should buy something...

4. Why do bad things happen to good people?

nothing to wear 4

5. I really need to go shopping!

nothing to wear 5

6. Too hot. Online shopping, here I come...

7. OMG, I’m so poor! When’s the next Sale?

nothing to wear 7

8. I didn’t bump into absolutely anyone important yesterday; should I just repeat my outfit?

nothing to wear 8

9. ARGH, I really need to stop Instagramming my outfits so that everyone can’t tell I’m repeating them!

nothing to wear 9

10. I’m SO jealous of celebrities and the fact that they NEVER run out of clothes.

nothing to wear 10

11. I should have totally taken that acting class!

12. This outfit would only work if I wear a jacket, but it’s too hot to wear a jacket.

nothing to wear 12

13. OMG! I need to learn how to layer the clothes that I bought especially for layering!

nothing to wear 13

14. Will he actually notice this teensy pen mark on my left elbow? This is my lucky top - I SO want to wear it!

nothing to wear 14

15. No thanks, fashion magazine, I can’t recycle that skirt and wear it as a dress! I tried - and I looked crazy.

nothing to wear 15

16. Even my statement accessories have stopped making a statement.:-(

nothing to wear 16

17. Maybe I should just wear a plain dress and put on lots of makeup.

nothing to wear 17

18. Ugh! Guys have it SO much easier!

19. I think it’s time to raid my sister’s closet.

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