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*FAINTS* 19 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She Sees A Cute Guy!

*FAINTS* 19 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She Sees A Cute Guy!

It could be anywhere. A party, the grocery store, even at the library. But when we see a cute guy (no, like a SERIOUSLY cute guy) we go a bit crazy with our thoughts. Here are a few we’re SURE you’ve had at some point or the other! 1. Is he single?? seeing a cute guy 2. I’m sure he isn’t. He’s way too cute. 3. Ugh, I should ask someone just to be sure. seeing a cute guy 4. Or, I could just find out his last name and stalk him on FB! 5. Um. I should find out his first name first. seeing a cute guy 6. I think I just found my McDreamy! 7. WHO IS THAT GIRL TALKING TO HIM??? seeing a cute guy 8. Oh, okay. She’s walking away. 9. Dammit, why don’t my friends know his friends? How will I meet him?! seeing a cute guy 10. Let me try and smile at him. Maybe he’ll notice. 11. Oh God, am I looking creepy, smiling away into the distance? seeing a cute guy 12. Ugh, I KNEW should have worn that other dress! 13. I SO want to go and talk to him! seeing a cute guy 14. He makes my last crush look so...never mind! 15. Our babies would be BEAUTIFUL! seeing a cute guy 16. I hope his Instagram profile is public! 17. I bet he smells great. He looks like he would be smelling great! seeing a cute guy 18. OMG! Did he just smile at me? *faints* 19. Tell me you saw that! Tell me someone saw that! seeing a cute guy GIFs: tumbr, giphy MUST-READ: How To Pick Up A Cute Guy At The Bar (Without Looking Sleazy & Creepy) MUST-READ: 10 Thoughts We’ve ALL Had When Our Guy First Met Our Folks!
Published on Jul 3, 2015
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