Turn Up The Heat: THIS Is What Comes Before Foreplay!

Turn Up The Heat: THIS Is What Comes Before Foreplay!
Not many of us are familiar with the concept of a “prelude” to foreplay. Yes, such a thing does exist – in a nutshell, it’s the little things you do that can incite naughty thoughts in his head! Now, we’re not suggesting you skip the foreplay – such a crime must not be committed – we’re just saying there are things you can do during the course of the day to build that sexual tension up, till you two can’t wait to get to your room! Just remember, if you’re planning on doing any of the following, for your own good, steer clear of garlic and onions! :-P

1. A naughty text

Picture this: you’re at a social do – a friend’s place, a party, a club, a dinner, et al. You’re sitting five feet away from each other when suddenly his phone beeps and he receives a text from you saying, “Thinking about…”. Leave the rest to imagination, we say!

Foreplay 1

2. “I have a secret to tell”

Just draw him in close and whisper something — anything personal — in his ear. Some things you could consider saying are: “I can’t wait to get out of here” or “I think your shirt looks better with the first button undone”. Just follow this up with a 3-second gaze into his eyes, and voila! Foreplay has begun even before you know it!


3. The “lip” game

Now, there are two ways of going about this!

a) Stare at his lips longingly. He’s sure to wonder what’s going through your head. And believe us, you want him to.

b) Just when he’s looking at you, bite on your lip just a little bit. Do we really need to elaborate this one further? Let’s just say, soon enough, he’d want to show you exactly what’s going through his mind.


4. A “slip” in his pocket

Sticky notes or post-its are not meant just for offices. Sometimes, they belong in your partner’s pants too - especially if they say things like “Can’t stop thinking about last night” or “Remember that satin lingerie I bought last week...?”. The possibilities, ladies, are endless.


5. “Fasten my zip, please”

Oldest trick in the book – when slipping into your dress, ask for help to “fasten my back string” or “zip up my back”. A little peek at your back, and you know he’d be waiting for the day to get over!


6. The feather touch

Just when passing him by, be at your nonchalant best and touch his arm or nape very, very lightly. It’s sure to hit the right buttons! ;-)


7. “Feed me!”

During a meal, ask him to make you taste what’s on HIS plate, and do NOT offer to pick it up with your own fork. Let him feed you. And while he does, revert to the longing 3-second gaze, as you bite into that bite. Might help rev things up for the rest of the night!


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