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#LetItGo: 10 Times In Life You Should Forgive And Forget

#LetItGo: 10 Times In Life You Should Forgive And Forget
Life is as full of fights and disagreements with people around you as it is of the good times. Though none of us like those “downs”, there are in fact times in life when you end up being deeply impacted by an incident or a fight. Are all of those worth hanging on to, though? We say - for your own peace of mind, it’s essential that you let go of them. Here are 10 grudges in life that you absolutely should not hold on to!

1. That Fight With The BFF

Your BFF and you may be soul mates, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to get into a fight (or two). It’s important that you don’t hold on to those little grudges, because it could lead to a lot of unpleasantness in the future! Go, give her a bear hug already!

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2. The Arguments With Your Partner

Yes, you love your person. And it’s impossible not to get into heated arguments with them! Couples fight - that doesn’t mean you hang on to every detail of every stupid fight you’ve had. Bringing them up in other fights is even worse! Let go of the grudges you once held briefly against your partner, and you’ll be amazed to see how much happier the two of you are!

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3. The Ex

We’ve got two words for you: Move On! You dated, it didn’t work out, neither of you are to blame. A thumbs-up for those who’ve managed to remain friends after, but even if you aren’t interested in being friends (or even be within 5 kms of his/her presence), learn your lessons from the previous relationship and let go of the grudges - it’ll really refresh your perspective on your current/future relationships.

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4. A Difference Of Opinion With Your Parents

Sometimes, parents don’t look at a certain situation the way you do. And that’s okay. You know they have your best interests in mind. They’re your parents - you’re bound to have a difference of opinion some time or the other. Even if you cannot make them see things from your perspective, please don’t hold on to any grudges against them. They’re the ones who always have and will be there for you!

5. The Friend You’ve Outgrown

So you guys aren’t the BFFs you once were, and your fallout had a lot of drama, but dig this - who’s affected the most by holding on to that grudge? You are. Let it go! You don’t have to rekindle the friendship, but you can always choose to be nice. It’ll make random meet-ups at mutual friends’ parties way less awkward!

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6. The Disagreement With That Relative

You can’t choose your relatives, but you can choose to let go of grudges. Yes, they may have done things that you did not like in the past, but it’s important for your peace of mind to let go of those things, because they are going to be a part of your extended family, no matter what. Always better to call truce, no?

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7. That Fight With Your Sibling

A sibling is just so much more than family. How can you even consider holding a grudge against them?! If they’ve done something wrong, or if you guys had a nasty fight, irrespective of how long it’s been, sit down and talk it out, now!

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8. That Strict Teacher

If you’re close to graduating or have graduated, remember, you won’t be seeing your teachers for a long, long time. If you’re still a student, bear in mind that it’s all going to be over in a few years! Wouldn’t you rather focus your energies on kicking some serious ass (professionally) and proving them all wrong?

9. Your Colleagues/Boss

Workplace drama is hard to avoid, considering you see them EVERY day! If it’s a colleague, just let go of whatever it is that happened between you two - be courteous and focus on nailing whatever has been assigned to you. Boss grudges are a bit trickier (especially if the boss has a grudge against you too!), but if you’re the one who’s holding the grudge, drop it and focus on getting awesome at your job. You never know when the tables turn! :D

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10. The In-Laws

It’s not rare in marriages. If you’re adapting to a new family, a few disagreements here and there are obvious. Remember, they’re also family now, and it’s okay to have a difference of opinion in families! Fighting is fair, holding grudges is not. Let go of those fights and their outcomes and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the great family time you all start enjoying!

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