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11 Things College Teaches You (That Your Degree Doesn't!)

11 Things College Teaches You (That Your Degree Doesn't!)

College is fantastic! No, really - it’s probably the most awesome time you’ll ever have in your life, before reality gets too real; if you know what we mean! Whatever your degree is, you’ll often find that the most worthy life lessons you learn from college are actually the ones you stumble upon at 4 a.m.! Whether you have already been to college and can’t remember a single textbook your professor cited, are living it up as we speak, or are yet to experience this life-changing experience - here are 11 awesome things that college teaches you that just your degree probably doesn’t!

1. How to pull an all-nighter and still survive the next day

3 a.m.: “Abhi toh party shuru hui hai!” 7 a.m.: “Nimbu paani! Lassi! Now!” 9 a.m. (in class): “Pssst! Where’s the party tonight?” college resized 1

2. How to (safely) figure out your way home from ANYWHERE

Whether it means you have the good sense to always travel in a group, or are just comfortable with asking for directions (when GPS seems to confuse the hell out of you) - roads are not a strange place anymore!

3. Wai Wai tastes just as good cooked, as it does kaccha

It DOES count as a “nutritious meal”, dammit. things we learn in college 2

4. There is a movie made for just about every aspect of your course. And oh look, it’s available to stream online!

Why can’t they just screen THESE in class?!

5. Eating in class is an art, and it can be done well!

The same applies for party planning, texting, checking Facebook and Instagramming! college resized 5

6. You can type fast, like really, really fast!

Professor: “You have 3 weeks to submit this essay!” What I hear: “Spend at least 2 hours on this essay!”

7. For that matter, if you don’t make a submission on time, you have pretty much managed to master all the excuses ever written

“Sir, I had pneumonia.” “Sir, my laptop broke.” “Ma’am, my dog, and his dog, died!” things we learn in college 7

8. You are way, way more independent than you first thought you were!

No parents, no driver, no childhood/family friends, no help - just you! You will have accomplished so much that you used to take for granted, without even realising it!

9. Keeping in touch with your parents is not as much of a chore as you thought it was.

Actually, it feels nice to hear some familiar voices from home! college resized 9

10. The friends you make in college will be your friends for LIFE!

When you have been someone’s family away from home, carried each other back to the dorm room at night and cooked anda bhurji the next morning - you just know your homies are not going to disappear on you any time soon!

11. You learn to LET GO!

Whether it’s going to a party and letting your hair down for a bit, dancing away till the wee hours of the morning or not mugging everything in sight. You find the things that make you tick and most importantly make you YOU! college resized 11 GIFs: Tumblr MUST-READ: #NewGirl: 20 Things That Happen in the First Week of College MUST-READ: Time of Our Lives: The Best Things about Staying in a College Hostel!
Published on Jul 6, 2015
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