10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making ANY Big Decision!

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making ANY Big Decision!
Change is the only constant – and that’s a lesson life teaches you, whether you like it or not! As much as we know that change is inevitable, before it happens we need to make certain decisions – and some of these are tough! Whether it’s a job change, a career path choice, the decision to go out with someone or to get married - these ALL need thoughtful deliberation. This does NOT have to be as scary as it sounds, because with a few simple questions you can put your own mind to rest about what you actually feel - truly, and deep down. That’s right - these questions will help you decide what you really want out of life, no matter what the situation. Hello, world, we are ready to take you on!

1. Do I really want this?

Such a simple question - yet such an important one that we often tend to overlook. Pause, take a deep breath, and forget all the chaos around you. Truly ask yourself, and give yourself an honest answer: is the big decision you are about to make something you really want? No ifs, no buts, no justifications...is it something you WANT?

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2. Am I being forced into anything?

Is it my own free will with which I am making this decision, or not? A decision made because you were feeling trapped will not hold you in good stead in the future. So think now and think hard; you should be making the final call with your own free will.

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3. Is it pressure from other people/ society?

Peer pressure and family pressure get to the best of us. So don’t make the mistake of not acknowledging it! We girls tend to make way too many decisions based on the far-too-common but pointless principle of “Log kya sochenge”. It’s not worth your time - and certainly not worth your life!

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4. Have I been thinking about this for long enough?

If you have been thinking about this decision for a long time now, and can’t seem to get it out of your head – it’s probably a good indicator that you are indeed ready for it.

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5. Have I thought about how this decision will impact my future?

Sometimes, we can be awfully shortsighted in our thinking. We tend to only focus on how things will change for now. Yes, it’s tempting to live in the present, but the truth is that real decisions can’t be made just based on the next few weeks! Think more about the future. Imagine a scenario where you make the decision and one where you don’t. That’s when you will really have your answer.

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6. Is my pride/ ego making this decision for me?

Whether it’s storming out of office because you had a fight with your boss, dropping out of college because you hate your professor, or agreeing to get married because your ex just did - your pride and ego can far too often direct your actions. Trust us, we’ve been there - and decisions made solely on the basis of your sentiments being hurt are seldom wise!

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7. Am I ready to make the sacrifices that come along with this decision?

Sometimes, we can only think of the decision at hand, and not the consequences of that decision. Moving to another city might be a great way to get away from the chaos of your life here, but it comes with a being a stranger in a new place. We are not doubting your ability to adjust and adapt, we are just urging you to think it through. So that when you have made the decision, there are no ugly surprises!

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8. Am I just stuck in a rut?

Boredom can often lead us to do drastic things! But major life decisions cannot be made on the basis of you being bored. So get busy, occupy yourself productively, and then think about this big decision again.

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9. Am I too comfortable in my comfort zone?

They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone. And to that we have to say: truer words were never spoken! If you are putting off a big decision just because you are happily sitting in your comfort zone (it’s called that for a reason!), remind yourself to think about your life goals - and what is it that is in sync with them. Success comes to those who work hard and hustle, not those who sit pretty in the safe zone.

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10. Why does it seem so scary?

You will have to use your discretion to answer this one! Partly, all big decisions seem scary because they bring with them lots of changes in our lives. So the nerves, they are totally natural. But you know yourself better - if this is not the normal kind of scary then it’s truly something to think about. Don’t ignore your own feelings. A woman’s best companion is her own intuition!

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