9 Things People Should Stop Saying ('Coz They NEVER Mean It)

9 Things People Should Stop Saying ('Coz They NEVER Mean It)
People are such a dichotomy – we can be warm, caring and super-sweet, yet we can be awfully sarcastic sometimes. There are so many things people say that they don't really mean - so please let’s stop the hypocrisy and prefacing statements with these! (Warning: Some of these are eye openers!) But hey, it’s never too late to stop doing things you weren’t supposed to do in the first place. Right?

1. “Don’t take this personally, but...”

Starting your sentence with “Don’t take this personally, but…” We all know that what’s going to follow is not going to be pleasant. And you very well know you are about to say something personal, so why expect the other person to not take it personally? Sorry to break it to you, sister, but you have to cut this out! If you really want to bring something to your friend’s notice, you’d be much better off being mature about it. Next time, start with “Hey, there’s something I need to talk to you about.”

things people should stop saying 1

2. “It looks fine on you, but it’s just not for me”

You wear a brand-new dress and are feeling pretty damn cute in it, until your friend chooses to come rain on your parade! Dear person passing this comment, understand that it is unnecessary. You can always pick out whatever you want to wear when you go shopping – no one’s holding you at gunpoint. So keep your preferences for that! Don’t go around dishing fashion advice under the guise of a compliment.

things people should stop saying 2

3. “If you ask me...”

Tell us the truth; no one asked you, did they?

things people should stop saying 3

4. “I don’t mean to be rude, but...”

Then don’t be rude, just don’t. The fact that you have to give that disclaimer goes to show that you very well KNOW that you’re about to be super rude!

things people should stop saying 4

5. “Can I tell you the truth?”

If you are asking this question to somebody who is your friend, it’s flawed by its very nature! Because you’re ALWAYS supposed to be honest with your friends. If you feel the need to first check if you can be honest with whoever you’re saying this to, maybe you are about to overstep the line and say something you shouldn’t be saying. Something to think about, right?

things people should stop saying 5

6. “Maybe it’s not my place to say this, but...”

But I’m going to give you my unsolicited opinion anyway!

things people should stop saying 6

7. “If I were you...”

But you’re not me! And you don’t even know what it’s like to be me. We come from different families, different schools and entirely different situations – so let’s not even pretend you are a total authority on my life! Maybe you are a well-meaning friend trying to give someone life advice, but starting your sentence with the all-knowing “If I were you” is not the way to do it.

things people should stop saying 7

8. “I don’t mean to sound judgemental, but...”

Only people who are about to say something judgmental say this, girls!

things people should stop saying 8

9. “Don’t take it to heart, but…”

This one always cracks us up: don’t take it to heart? Really? Then exactly where should they take it? Think about it and let us know!

things people should stop saying 9

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