FYI, Ladies! 8 Things We Don't Realize Men Notice About Us

FYI, Ladies! 8 Things We Don't Realize Men Notice About Us
Have you ever wondered about how a man thinks? We sure have! And even though we can’t answer that question entirely, we CAN tell you about a few things that men notice about women (and we don’t always realize it!). And no we aren't talking about the twins (although they get a fair share of attention too). Here are a few things that really do arrest a guy’s attention...

1. Hair and there

Pixie cut, long pleats, coloured streaks, in a bun, shabby mess, whatever your style - men may not notice the specifics of your cut, but they DO notice how your hair looks overall. Keep it neat!

2. Beaming beauty

Smile! It’s the first curve they notice on your body. Seriously. In fact, most men's brains are wired to figuring out a genuine grin from a fake one.

things men notice smile

3. The entourage

People do judge you by the company you keep. So the friends you hang out with and the kind of vibe they give out makes a lot of difference how you’re perceived.

4. How you talk

Now, you need not be a nightingale, but for men the pitch of a woman’s voice is quite an important factor. Best not to go too loud or too high-pitched, even if the conversation seems to deserve those reactions!

things men notice voice

5. Fanny, fanny

Because, like Shakira said, hips don't lie! Okay, kidding. But hey, guys do keep observing you in 3D, and the derrière is often the focal point.

6. Say it with your eyes...

Because expressions speak louder than words! Which is why some kohl and mascara adds not only some drama to your makeup but your personality too!

things men notice eyes

7. Real or not?

Never fake it. Whether it’s your personality or your appearance, keep it real. Even a hint of “I’m only putting it on” can be an instant turn-off for most guys.

8. Your sense of style

Nope, it’s unlikely that a guy will really register that your top is brand-new or your outfit on-point. But what they do notice is your overall style - the vibe and personality you’re channelling through your clothes. So always dress to your strengths, and in a way you’re comfortable - confidence is the sexiest thing, after all!

things men notice dress sense

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