Oh, F***! 16 Things EVERY Girl Who Uses Gaalis Will Understand

Oh, F***! 16 Things EVERY Girl Who Uses Gaalis Will Understand
If you’re a girl whose vocabulary is generously peppered with swear words, you will TOTALLY get this post! If not, good on you, girl – but we are super-certain you have at least one friend this will remind you of! So don’t take offense, love, it’s all in good humour. Now what the f**k you waiting for? Read on! :-P

1. You are so used to swearing, you don’t even realize when you’re doing it!

girls who give gaalis 1

2. So you have to be super careful when parent-type adult figures are around.

girls who give gaalis 2

3. Your friends totally give you warnings to keep your volume low when you visit them!

girls who give gaalis 3

4. You have at least once in your life given a super Hindi gaali without realizing who was next to you!

girls who give gaalis 4

5. After which, you obviously got the stare of a lifetime.

girls who give gaalis 5

6. You should have been scared, but you found this really funny!

girls who give gaalis 6

7. Your guy friends never cease to be amused by your special trait.

girls who give gaalis 7

8. If anything, they encourage it - they love that you’re not a girl who minds her Ps and Qs.

girls who give gaalis 8

9. You have been very judged, by a lot of people – from rickshawalas to aunty-jis! But that doesn’t deter you. No sir!

girls who give gaalis 9

10. You find using swear words supremely cathartic. It’s like - why keep emotions repressed inside you when you can give gaalis and feel better instantly?

girls who give gaalis 10

11. In fact, they are hardly ever used to harm or actually abuse anyone!

girls who give gaalis 11

12. Which is why you often wonder why people are being such big babies about it!

girls who give gaalis 12

13. Don’t people get that when you can give gaalis around them, that’s a sign you are truly comfortable with them!?

girls who give gaalis 13

14. That gaali scene in Jab We Met gave your heart so much happiness!

girls who give gaalis 14

15. You love it when friends who don’t use swear words get converted because of spending time with you! Sasti khushi, amirite?

girls who give gaalis 15

16. You often wonder what kind of parent you will make someday, given that your kids will learn some pretty nasty gaalis from you. Ah well, we’ll deal with that later!

girls who give gaalis 16

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