#GirlCode: 9 Things Girls NEED To Stop Saying To Each Other!

#GirlCode: 9 Things Girls NEED To Stop Saying To Each Other!
We girls are creatures of habit – while on one hand we cry ourselves hoarse about girl power and the like, on the other hand we nonchalantly put our kind down. Yup, we all do it - and to be quite honest, it sucks! We were born to be on the same team, and it’s about time we start acting like it, don’t ya think? There are things we really need to stop saying to each other, like stat! Let’s consider this the girl code - and live by it every single day. What say, my ladies?

1. "Haha, you're the only one left, get married!”

Seriously - marriage is a choice! Don’t put pressure on your girls to get married just because you have! If she’s the only unmarried one in the group, that should be more reason for you to make her feel comfortable, and not the other way round. Besides, you really think she doesn’t have pressure from society as it is?

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2. "God, you're such a bitch"

Ummm, firstly, why are you name-calling? Secondly, doubt anyone asked you for your opinion! Thirdly, a person doesn’t become a “bitch” when they are unapologetically themselves. So please get on board with this?

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3. "You work too much"

Everyone has different aims and goals in life. It’s not uncommon that as we grow older we start to differ from our friends on a lot of matters. This is totally okay as long as we adopt the “live and let live” policy. If your friend is ambitious and really doesn’t mind the extra hours at work, then there’s really nothing to crib about! She works her ass off, and that’s what’s going to make her a success story someday - so encourage her, and be proud of her.

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4. “Your biological clock is ticking – time to have babies!”

This is truly one of the silliest things you can say to a girl, because last we checked you are not a gynaecologist! A lot of these are old wives’ tales or myths – but even if they were true, having babies is a woman’s prerogative! There’s really no point putting pressure and making her miserable. She’ll have a child when the time is right – for her and her husband, not you!

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5. “Don’t act so slutty!”

A girl is called “slutty” for many reasons; it could be because she wore a sexy dress, or because she hangs out with a lot of boys, or because she made the first move on a guy she really likes! But let’s get one thing really clear – none of these makes her “a slut”! We often wonder why women in our country are looked down upon, and yet we go and make such regressive statements about women ourselves. The next time you don’t approve of a girl’s actions, address them with clearer words instead of using derogatory labels. They have GOT to go!

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6. “You can’t seriously be thinking about an arranged marriage?!”

What’s wrong with an arranged marriage? To each her own, we say! All those who think it’s an archaic Indian concept, we just want to let you know it’s very prevalent in the west too – where parents introduce you to their friend’s children or nieces/ nephews! Umm, yet you don’t hear them make such a fuss about things! Besides, if a girl wants to get married and instead of whining about it, is open to meeting guys and finding love...that’s honestly very cool! So before judging your friends, think about the fact that they may be making the biggest decision of their life here, so be supportive!

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7. “Why are you still single?”

Now aren’t we just outdoing ourselves in the “silliest questions ever asked” department? Obviously she’s single because she hasn’t met the right person or because she doesn’t want to be in a relationship! That’s right. It’s possible that people like being single – have you ever thought of that? Don’t poke your nose into other people’s business and don’t make it sound like it’s the worst thing a girl could be...single!

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8.“Why are you dressed like an aunty?”

Not all girls like wearing miniskirts and crop tops! Some are way more comfortable in loose, breathable, or covering clothes. That’s a personal choice – it doesn’t make someone an aunty!

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9.“Stop PMSing, man!”

Being a girl, you of all people should know PMS is a real thing! It comes with changes in your hormones that lead to feeling low, and bloating accompanied by cramps and acne – all of which are totally legit and not imagined symptoms. Having said that, PMS is not something that affects us all the time, so assuming that someone is PMSing just because they said or did something is really stupid. We get annoyed when someone says it to us - so don’t you think it’s time we stop saying it to others?

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