15 Things We Will Just NEVER Understand About Boys!!

15 Things We Will Just NEVER Understand About Boys!!
Sure, we’re all familiar with the puzzling question “What do women want”? But guys have their fair share of quirks that leave us bewildered when it comes to figuring out why they do the things they do! No, we’re not “male-bashing” here - there are just some things that we just NEVER, ever have understood about boys! Deal with it, bro.

1. Why you have to watch each and every single match on tv- even when it’s not your team...

But don’t seem to understand why I like to know everything about everyone, even if it’s people I don’t know. Isn’t it the same thing?

Things Girls Do Not Understand About Guys

2. Why you close up when you have a problem, and refuse to talk about anything

Communication is key, irrespective of gender! It helps to talk about things - that’s why we do it!

3. Why your room looks like a tornado hit it morning after morning, but your car is the cleanest thing in the world

Like, why? If the vehicle that takes you from place A to place B is immaculate, but the places aren’t - where is the logic here?

Things Girls Do Not Understand About Guys

4. Why you can’t do two things at once!

It’s called multitasking, guys!

Things Girls Do Not Understand About Guys5. Why you can’t tell when I have had a new haircut

It was long yesterday, it’s short today. How is this considered rocket science?

6. Why you’re so obsessed with boobs and butts

Okay, so the boobs thing. We all have them - me, my friends, your friends who are girls, your sister, your mum and, hey, even your grandmom! Look at my FACE! As for butts, YOU have them too - so, seriously what’s that about?!

Things Girls Do Not Understand About Guys

7. You shrug absolutely everything off in life, except when it comes to dum-dum-dum…  man flu!

Yes, you’re sick, and I hope you feel better soon. But, like WHY are you behaving as though it’s the end of the world?!

8. Why you seem to believe that when I say “I’m fine” I am fine

You asked me what I bought at the mall yesterday and received a short essay about it. So do you really think that when it comes to my feelings I am going to, sincerely, respond in a two-word sentence? I am not fine, ask me more questions, I do want to talk about it.

Things Girls Do Not Understand About Guys

9. Why you don’t ask for directions when you get lost

Christopher Columbus set out to find India and went to America. Cool story, bro. Fact is, he got lost at sea. You getting lost on your way to Greater Kailash and ending up at Noida is not going to be considered as the next great adventure - just stop an autowallah and ask!

10. The amount of time you can spend in the bathroom

Seriously, our biological needs are the same. What are you doing in there?

Things Girls Do Not Understand About Guys

11. Why some of you go out to a bar, and then stand around the bar and drink and talk about work

Shut down, shut up and dance like there’s no tomorrow! It’s fun!

12. Why farting, pooping and general toilet humour is something you can, without provocation, go on about for hours on end...

But the second I mention that I am on my period, you run for the opposite end of the earth.

Things Girls Do Not Understand About Guys

13. Why you just don’t seem to have an answer to the question: “What are you thinking?”

It’s not an exam, I’m just not psychic - you get that, right?

14. Why do you have an incessant need to prove your manliness?

You have a penis, that alone kind of confirms the fact that you are indeed a man.

Things Girls Do Not Understand About Guys

15. The toilet seat, it comes up, and THEN it comes down.

Learn it, do it, memorize it - we don’t want to fall in!

Things Girls Do Not Understand About Guys

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