Put your best pout forward with these tips to select the perfect lipstick for your skin tone

Put your best  pout  forward with these tips to select the perfect lipstick for your skin tone
Does it ever happen to you that you see a shade that looks breathtaking on a magazine cover, but NOT when you buy it? As MJ put it, you’re not alone. Read on for a complete guide to help you choose the best lipstick for YOUR skin tone. Plus, POPxo’s daytime and night-time favourite lipstick shades for Indian skin revealed! 

1. Stick to the basics while choosing lipstick for your skin tone

You know this but like most of us you forget - you’re human and you do get carried off by lipstick colour for your gorgeous Indian the number of colours in front of you. The rule of thumb, when buying a lipstick for your skin tone (budget OR expensive), is to enhance the natural colour of your lips. When shopping for a lipstick colour for Indian skin, remember this very simple tip: go a few shades darker or brighter than the original colour of your lips. This way, you’ll never go wrong.

lipshade for your skin tone 1

2. Know your skin tone while picking up the correct lipstick for Indian skin

Indians are diverse in terms of skin tones and undertones .And there is more to trying out lipsticks on your arm than you think. If your veins are visible and your wrist looks pale, you’re a cool-toned gal. And if your veins are not that obvious, you lean towards the warmer side of the scale. If you’re unsure about your skin tone, go to a cosmetics store and ask someone working there before picking up a lipstick. In this way you will be able to pick up the perfect lipstick for your skin tone.
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3. Mixing and matching can be your best bet while picking up the best lipstick for your skin tone

For warm or olive skin tones (as the firangis put it), look for lipsticks with orange and yellow undertones. Caramels, light pinks with a hint of red, nude with light pink - these are some colours that look great. For cooler skin tones, it’s wise to look for bluish and pink undertones. Yes, that means a red lipstick with a dash of pink is just the right lipstick for Indian skin with cooler undertones. Once again, if you’re unsure about the undertones of a lipstick shade you like, don’t be afraid to ask someone working at the store. Or alternatively, read up on some reviews online - bloggers are great at explaining about undertones.

lipshade for your skintone

4. Testing a lipstick will help you choose the best lipstick for your skin tone

Once you try a swab of your lipstick-to-be on your wrist, have it sanitized and use it on the lips. You can even use a cotton swab and apply it on your lips. Not only will you see how the colour looks on you but also learn more about the texture. Do you want shimmer in a lipstick you were planning to wear during the day? How much matté is too much matté? All these things should be kept in mind while picking up a lipstick colour for Indian skin.

5. Remember, lipsticks are a great tool to enhance what you already have!

So don’t buy them in shades that do nothing for your skin tone and features. Following the steps while picking up the best lipstick colours for Indian skin while rescuing you out of a lipstick rut AND help you add a variety of shades to your dresser.


And now, POPxo’s fav lipsticks for your skin tone

If you want to pick a lipstick for a cool Indian skin tone, try these...

Lipstick for your skin tone

1. When? Daytime WhatAvon Ultra Colour Lipstick Hot Pink(Rs 510) - The perfect pink lipstick for your skin tone if your undertone happens to fall on the cooler side.

2. When? Night time WhatEstée Lauder Pure Color Sculpting Lipstick Impassioned(Rs 2,612) - A rich pigment that is just the right mix of red and orange is a great lipstick for cool skintones plus it sculpts your lips too.
3. When? Daytime WhatM.A.C. Cremesheen Crème D Nude Lipstick (Rs 955) -One of the best nude lipstick colours for Indian skin, plus it has a cremesheen finish. 

4. When? Night-outs! WhatColorbar Creme Touch Lipstick, Tangerino (Rs 475) -An amazing orange lipstick for Indian skin, this beauty is ideal to apply when you want all the attention to be on your lips. 

5. When? All day WhatBenetint (Rs 2,261) – Wish to pick up a natural lipstick colour for your skin tone? Go with this.

Lipsticks for warm Indian skin tones-

lipstick for your skin tone


1. When? Daytime What? Victoria's Secret Color Drama Lipstick- Excessive(Rs 1,465) – A creamy shade of pink which is an amazing lipstick colour for Indian skin and is apt for days when you want to keep it light and breezy.

2. When? Night time What? Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor Summer Sunset(Rs 375) –An amazing lipstick colour for warm skin tones perfect for night outs. 

3. When? Daytime What?NYX Soft Matte San Paulo Lip Cream (Rs 1,030) – This lipstick colour for Indian skin is perfect for college and day outings.

4. When? Parties and night outs What? Loréal Paris Color Riche Black Cherry Lipstick (Rs 899) - One of the best deep lipsticks for Indian skin, this pretty lipstick in semi-matte for all those who are obsessed with reds. 

5. When? All day What? Inglot Rouge a Levres #173 Lipstick (Rs 837) - It’s a classic mix of pink and brown. Plus, it’s got apricot kernel oil, which makes it a great lipstick for your warm skin tone.. 

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