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#MustWatch: Ranveer Singh Gets CRAZY & We LOVE Him For It!

#MustWatch: Ranveer Singh Gets CRAZY & We LOVE Him For It!

In the latest of the totally insane stunts he pulls off-screen, we have him singing "Eye To Eye" - in full bikhrey baal and safed suit - in response to Hrithik's birthday wish-cum-dare to him. We don't know WHAT to make of it, except that we just. can't. stop. laughing over it! So we take you on a trip down memory lane and recap his absolutely most insane videos for you!

1. The one in which he gives it back to Hrithik

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WAY to go, birthday boy!

2. Of course, he gave it back to Hrithik once before too!

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Yeah, okay, that Krrish costume is doing things for us that it's never done before.

3. The one in which he takes on Justin Bieber

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In this video for GQ, we have Ranveer Baba singing his heart out. Including "Baby". Um.

4. When he claimed he hates hair products

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Ranveer, we love you. But we don't believe you!

5. The one in which he decided to dance his heart away too

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Hi, Ranveer! I wanna dance with youuuu!

6. And, of course, who can forget the Durex ad?

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Yes, yes, yes, we want to Do The Rex Too! PLUS: Subscribe to POPxo on YouTube for original videos + our favourite videos from around the web! Featured image: Ranveer Singh on Instagram MUST-READ: #CelebSmash: 6 Stars Who Make You Want To Dubsmash Yourself NOW  MUST-READ: #CelebSmash: Our Fav Stars (Still) Being AWESOME On DubSmash!
Published on Jul 13, 2015
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