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#MakeHisDay: 10 Texts That Will Make Your Guy Smile!

#MakeHisDay: 10 Texts That Will Make Your Guy Smile!
You think you are the only one who wants and expects your partner to do certain things without asking? Well, think again – because as macho and anti-mush as your boy may seem, there are some ways in which he too likes the same! You can totally brighten up his day by doing some small-yet-simple things. For instance, send him a cute text and brace yourself for some extra warm hugs when he sees you! We think that’s a pretty sweet payoff!

1. “Good luck for your presentation! I just KNOW you’re going to rock it!”

Take it from us - guys get nervous too! But before a big day at college or work begins, when he sees that sweet message early in the morning, not only will he feel more confident, he will also feel more connected to you. It’s a win-win, really!

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2. “What do you feel like doing tonight? You pick and I’ll go along with it – promise!”

Trust us, ladies - this is music to your boyfriend’s years! Not only are you not forcing him to go along with your plan, but the world is his oyster - he can pick WHATEVER he wants! Now he’s *really* looking forward to tonight!

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3. “Don’t worry about our plan. We’ll meet tomorrow if you’re tired. Muah!”

This message is a mark of an understanding girlfriend - one who is going to be so pampered by her man when he sees her next! Yes, sometimes guys get really tired and don’t have the heart to cancel plans. So, it’s nice if you can pick up on that and make his life much simpler by texting him this.

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4. “I’m at my cousin’s wedding. You are so much cuter than all the boys put together in this room!”

Did you actually think guys don’t need any validation? Much like us, they too need to be reminded once in a while that we are oh-so-attracted to them! No better way to do this than by sending him a random text when he knows you’re away somewhere, looking pretty as ever.

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5. “Have fun at your Boys' Night Out, baby! I’ll call you tomorrow!”

If you are the kind of girl who can message your man this, and mean it – we bet you are in a super happy relationship! Because trust us, all guys need some boy time, and they truly appreciate it when their girl gets that, sans tantrums and drama.

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6. “I love you. Just because.”

Even though this is seemingly a sappy message, it’s one that your boy actually craves to hear. We bet seeing this random burst of adoration from you will fill his heart with love!

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7. “I think fighting is silly! Let’s just be normal, please?”

Admit it - we girls have a hard time letting go of really infinitesimally small things! If we did that more often, our life would be much, much easier! This is a text every guy wishes they would receive from the girl they love.

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8. “OMG, wow! You’re looking SO hot today!”

This is the kind of message that you should send your boy when you guys are out with friends and you can’t really say it out loud to him! He will be beaming at your compliment, and let’s face it, you love that blushing smile of his.

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9. “I just can’t stop thinking about yesterday!”

There’s a chance he too can’t stop thinking about yesterday! And whatever happened “yesterday” is between the two of you. But imagine how nice it would make him feel to see that he’s still on your mind, and that it meant so much to you!

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10. “Come home soon! I have a surprise for you.”

After THAT message, he’s going to spend the whole day in excitement (of seeing you, of course) - guaranteed! Oh, also, that surprise could be just his favourite DVD that you rented, or the pizza you ordered – or a much more exciting one! ;) Irrespective, he will look forward to such messages all life long!

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