sweet kinley video

Give Truth A Chance - And Make Everyone You Love Smile!

Aishwarya Khanna

Guest Contributor

Let's admit it: all of us lie in order to slip out of certain situations. Sometimes we lie to our loved ones, or people we work with - if we think it’s going to get us out of trouble when we’ve messed up! But guess what, that’s not always such a great idea - not only is it dishonest (and sometimes unfair), but it also leaves us feeling SO guilty! This super-sweet Kinley video is testament how just being honest is actually not so bad - and can make us and our friends and people close to us so much happier! After all, it’s better to be scolded and forgiven by someone who loves us than just feel horrible deep inside all the time. So make the situation better - and everyone happier - by just giving truth a chance!

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Published on Jul 03, 2015
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