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5 Super-Simple Things That Can Make You Look More Sophisticated

5 Super-Simple Things That Can Make You Look More Sophisticated
Fashion is suppose to be fun, but sometimes we do like to try out a more classic approach to it. Hey no harm in trying it out, right? But with the daily worry of just finding something clean and ironed to wear, we don’t really get a chance to carefully put together something that’s going to make us look elegant and polished. So here’s the end to your worries - a few very simple things you can do to help you look more sophisticated! (And no, we don’t mean buying those super-fancy gowns - these are tips that work for your everyday wear!)

1. Tuck In The Shirt

1 A simple and totally foolproof way to look more sophisticated is to tuck in your perfectly ironed shirt. Sure, leaving it out might feel more comfortable and cool, but it doesn’t help when you’re trying to make an impression. Pair your shirt with well-fitted pants and a show-stopping pair of pumps! POPxo Recommends: Faballey Purple Solid Shirt (Rs 950), X'Pose Black Solid Chinos (Rs 1,049), FLYING WARDROBE Cut-out Court Shoes (Rs 2,495) Titan Obaku Analog Watch For Women (Rs 3, 897)

2. Colour-Code With Care

2 Dark colours are some our favourites too, but seriously, lighter shades just have a way of making you look more put-together. Especially if they are well-maintained! And this doesn’t mean you’ll have to wear something boring - just look at this pale blue jumpsuit, and the structured blazer to match it! It’s the perfect way to bring up your fashion game as well. POPxo Recommends: Dorothy Perkins Ivory Structured Blazer (Rs 2,695), Dorothy Perkins Blue Sweetheart Jumpsuit (Rs 2,345), Miss Bennett London White Stilletoes (Rs 1,899) NEW LOOK Enamel Lock Colour Block Clutch Bag (Rs 1, 595)

3. The Beauty Of Minimalism

3 Don’t layer up all of your best pieces at once! Your look will just go all haywire and not make too much sense. Decide on a key article of clothing and plan your outfit around it, even if it’s with basics. Knowing how to style your staples is a skill that will forever come in handy! POPxo Recommends: NOBLE FAITH Cami Top (Rs 1,199), NOBLE FAITH Pleated Maxi Skirt (Rs 2,299), QUIPID Jewelled Cut Out Sandals (Rs 2,295), JEEPERS PEEPERS Holographic Lens Sunglasses (Rs 1,695), REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick (Rs 599)

4. Balance Your Accessories

4 Sure, evenly distributing one colour in all of your accessories looks great. But what also helps is not looking TOO matchy-matchy. Don’t worry about your shoes being the same shade as your bag. As long as there is some sort of rhythm to the tones, the balance will remain perfect! POPxo Recommends: FASHION UNION High Neck Paisley Print Chiffon Dress (Rs 2,295), WAREHOUSE Disc Detail Clutch Bag (Rs 1,800), Dorothy Perkins Pink Belly Shoes (Rs 2,000), Summer Statement Earrings (Rs 699)

5. The Lingerie And It’s Purpose

5 Beautiful-looking lingerie isn’t all that you need! The important thing is to choose the right kind for your outfit. If you’re wearing a fitted jersey dress, lace lingerie just won’t do! You need something that let the pattern show through and looks completely seamless. Similarly a T-shirt bra isn’t called by that name for nothing - use those for under T-shirts. And when you’re wearing something with a deep back, a convertor strap will come in very handy! This can make or break the deal, girls, so make sure you keep a check on this! POPxo Recommends: MAGIC Low Back Bra Converter Strap (Rs 795), BRAVESOUL Low-Back Striped Jersey Maxi Dress (Rs 995), AX PARIS Side Zip Midi Dress (Rs 3,495), Lovable Foam Padded Underband Nonwired Bra (Rs 399) MUST-READ: 14 Ways To Make Your Outfits Look More Expensive! MUST-READ: How To Look Sexy Without Showing Skin – Your 9-Point Guide!