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"Let's Get It Started!" 17 Signs You ARE The Party!

If you’re throwing a party, you obviously want it to be one that people won’t forget for a long, long time! And you know there always are people who can turn an ordinary night into one that’s kind of impossible to forget. These people will always bring in an element of excitement to the party with their enthusiasm and have a knack of keeping just about everyone entertained! They are the life and soul of the party and no one ever seems to get enough of them. Sound familiar? Wait. Are YOU that person? Here are a few signs to figure out if you are the life of the party - or, actually, if you ARE the party!

1. No matter how many people there are at a party, people always seem to flock towards you, eventually.

life of the party

2. You are their source of entertainment, after all!

3. And when you can’t make it, your friends spend a good amount of time thinking how the night would be different if you were there.

life of the party

4. At one point or another at the party, everyone is gathered around you - they’re either listening to you or laughing with you as you talk about the crazy party you attended last weekend or the new hobby you just discovered!

5. Everyone, literally everyone, wants to have shots with you!

life of the party

6. If there are party games, you’re the one teaching everyone about them and then winning, obviously!

7. You have a knack of doing things that might be severely embarrassing for anyone else. But when you do them, everyone just laughs, WITH you.

life of the party

8. You are always, always the karaoke queen.

9. You never step out of a party not having made new friends.

life of the party

10. And you do invariably get several FB requests the next day.

11. When the DJ starts playing, everyone knows where to look and whose steps to copy! YOURS!

life of the party

12. Because you know, your dancing is LEGEN-DARY. Absolutely crazy, but legendary.

13. There is never a dearth of funny pictures of you from the party.

life of the party

14. And everyone sends them to you the next day with “Hahaha, look what you were doing” captions.

15. If your friends ever invite people who don’t know anyone else at the party, it is your responsibility to make them have fun. Because who can do it better than you!

life of the party

16. No one ever wants you to leave the party. And there is always major resistance when you try to.

17. Because, let's face it, the party is basically kind of over once you leave!

life of the party

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