It's A New Chapter! 7 Signs You're Ready To Love Again

It's A New Chapter! 7 Signs You're Ready To Love Again
Most of us are guilty in our lives of holding on to the past. Let’s face it - it’s not exactly easy to let go of it. This is true especially for our relationships. However, there comes a time when we heal, move on and want to find love again! Frankly, holding on to the past never really did anyone any good. So, if you think it’s time, here are a few signs to help you figure out if you’re ready to love again!

1. You’re not hung up on the past

You’re not sitting and feeling sad about not being in touch or being a part of your ex’s life anymore - you’re way past that. Even if you bump into him somewhere, you don’t go weak in the knees or turn around and run! You can say “Hi”, have a friendly conversation and move on with life without thinking about it over and over again.

ready to love again

2. You’re not afraid to be alone

You don’t constantly call your friends and ask them to come hang out with you. Because you’re not afraid that if you’re alone, you’ll drown in memories of your ex! You can be just as happy by yourself as you can be when you’re around people.

3. You’re your most confident self yet!

You’ve never felt better about yourself. You realize your worth and have learnt how to embrace yourself 100%. There’s no need to go around hiding that awesome personality now, is there?!

ready to love again

4. You’re ready for that “number” game again

Yes, that’s right. A cute guy walked up to you, you chatted and then he asked for you number. You wanted to give it and you did! Well done! Welcome back to the texting world. ;)

5. You don’t feel the need to drunk-text your ex anymore!

You’re SO over that stage. You’re genuinely just focussing on having a good time now when you’re out and drinking with your friends. Your ex doesn’t really cross your mind unless you’re actually reminded of him by someone!

ready to love again

6. You see a relationship as something you want, not need

You understand the clear difference and also that you would like to be in a relationship with someone you truly click with. But in no way do you NEED to be in one. You’re complete and whole within yourself!

7. You’re actually excited about the prospect of falling in love again  

Yes, you may have had your heart broken in the past, but you’re ready to move on and are actually excited about the idea of finding love again. You go, girl!

ready to love again

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