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Bye Bye, BO! 7 Simple Steps To Get Rid Of Body Odour

Bye Bye, BO! 7 Simple Steps To Get Rid Of Body Odour

There’s nothing worse than being a “smelly cat” amongst your friends! The reasons could be many: from excessive sweating to poor hygiene to even your diet. We give you some of the easiest tips to get rid of body odour and smell awesome, always!

1. Do not compromise on hygiene

There is no amount of deodorant or perfume in the world to compensate for a shower after you work out. Seriously, the whole point of exercising (besides toning up your muscles and revving up your metabolism) is to work up a good sweat. Bathing removes underarm smell so don’t skip a shower before you leave the changing room. Wipe yourself dry with a cotton towel, and half the battle is won, right there. (We don’t have to tell you about bathing in general, do we now?!) body odour remedies

2. Switch out your deo for alternatives

Research suggests that due to parabens and aluminums found in antiperspirant deodorants, excessive use might actually harm you in the long run. So let’s not take any chances by using them to get rid of body odour. Keep a solid perfume like L’Occitane Roses et Reines Solid Perfume handy. It’s fresh, floral and great to use. Body oils too are a great way to keep fresh and prevent unpleasant body odour and smell good. We like The Body Shop White Musk Perfume Oil.

3. Apple cider vinegar to the rescue

Don’t you love how many uses this magical bottle has? Apart from giving you shiny hair, the vinegar is actually an antiseptic and kills off the smelly bacteria and fungi upon usage that cause body odour. You can add it to your bath water or just wipe your underarms dry with it to remove underarm smell. P.S: It’s great to do this on days you’re chumming too, when odour can be especially persistent. body odour remedies

4. Restore the pH balance of your skin

Our body and its largest organ, i.e., skin, is always engaged in saying ttoodles to toxins. Sometimes the products we use can clog our pores, not allowing us to get rid of enzymes that are disposed of by sweat and result in body odor.. You can use a bit of witchhazel or add tea-tree oil to your bath water, and maintain the pH balance of your skin. You can also apply these directly on any parts of your body to get rid of body odour.

5. Detox, please!

It could be the burger you hogged or the excessive caffeine in your system that is literally stinking up your act resulting in body odour! Take the load off by allowing your body to take a time out.  To accelerate the process, try this detox juice:

Take 1 green apple, 4-5 spinach/kale leaves, a few strands of parsley, a small piece of ginger and blend. Top it with a squeeze of lime and drink up.

And remember to make sure your gut is healthy - add a probiotic drink to your daily regime to help aid digestion too. Good digestion and detoxification means less body odour.body odour remedies

6. Make the most of your signature scent

Finally, don’t get embarrassed of sweating. The weather is very humid right now, and sweating is actually good for your skin. So let nature take its course. Make up for it by staying hygienic and using a perfume when you’re around others to prevent body odor. Aquatic, cool perfumes are a staple amongst both genders, whereas citrus and floral fragrances can also wake you up. We love the Estée Lauder Modern Muse - and if you’re looking for something a little less pricey,The Body Shop’s Amazonian Wild Lily is pretty amazing too. And always keep a small perfume in your handbag for rushed mornings or middle-of-the-day touch-ups.

7. Put your trust in airy fabrics and regular grooming

Yes, cotton might crumple in the heat, but polyester is doing you absolutely no good whatsoever. It may be harder to maintain, but natural fabrics - which don’t fit too tightly - allow your skin to breathe and your sweat to actually dry up instead of just sitting on your skin and resulting in body odor. As well, remember that underarm fuzz will trap sweat (and odours!), so a regular waxing session is a good idea. And while you’re at it, exfoliate too, so that dry and dead skin cells and dirt and impurities clogging your pores are cleansed regularly.body odour remedies Images: shutterstock MUST-READ: Beat The Heat: How To Smell Amazing All Day Long! MUST-READ: #Embarrassing: 5 Tricks To Keep Your Feet From Smelling!