Beauty 101: 7 Tricks To Keep Your Base From Looking Patchy!

Beauty 101: 7 Tricks To Keep Your Base From Looking Patchy!
The “foundation” of anything is just as important as everything that comes after. This is applicable for our makeup too - our base plays an essential role in making our skin appear smooth and even. Choosing the right kind of base and following certain measures while applying it are imperative if we want to stay away from patchy or spotted skin. Here are 7 tips to keep your base from looking patchy!

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1. Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

We can’t stress this enough - exfoliate your skin regularly to help it maintain its smooth and even texture. You can avoid your base from looking patchy by taking care of your skin first. So, when you do finally put on that base, it has an even surface to cover!

avoid an uneven base

2. Rethink That Foundation

Some foundations can end up making your face look cakey and patchy. So, to avoid that possibility, opt for a BB cream that also serves the purpose of foundation, and is more beneficial for your skin when used regularly. While foundation may give you more coverage, it also tends to wear off quicker and make your skin seem uneven, especially in this heat. To get that smooth finish and even skin tone that lasts all day long, go in for something like the Ponds BB Cream, which gives you instant spot coverage, while working from within on those dark spots!

3. Don’t Skip Your Moisturizing Routine

Moisturizing plays an important role in giving us the smooth and glowing skin we want. Your base is bound to appear patchy and uneven if the surface you’re putting it on is dry. Moisturize thoroughly on the regular and most importantly, before putting on your base, to avoid any unevenness.

avoid an uneven base

4. Choose The Right Shade

Choosing the correct shade of base according to your skin is key. If the shade you pick is wrong, your skin will appear patchy, no matter how hard you try. Check the shade you’re picking on one side of your face before actually buying it, so that you can compare it with the no-makeup side of your face. This should give you a fairly good idea about whether or not it is the right shade for you.

5. Don’t Use A Full-Coverage Foundation All Over Your Face

Full and heavy coverage foundations often make your face appear rather heavy and cakey. The appearance and chances of it getting cracked are thus higher. If you want full coverage, apply it to the areas that you feel are necessary. Avoid putting it all over your face.

avoid an uneven base

6. Rely On Concealer For Coverage

A better option than applying full-coverage foundation is going with a concealer to cover up spots or marks. It helps avoid foundation cracks that could appear and also provides the coverage you want!

7. Opt For Cream-Based Products

Powder-based products often cluster and make your skin appear patchy. Given the heat in which we live, they’re even more likely to cluster up and make the presence of the product on your skin very, very obvious. Go for cream-based products instead for a smooth finish.

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