Of Cuddles & Quickies: How To Have The Perfect Morning After

Of Cuddles & Quickies: How To Have The Perfect Morning After
You spent the night together and had a wonderful time. But now what? Is it going to be the same morning routine, where you wake up and rush out and have no real time in the morning together at all?

While the night may have been great, the morning after counts for a lot too! It build intimacy and closeness in your relationship. Just spending some good quality time together in the morning can keep you smiling and happy all day long! Here are some ways to help you have the perfect morning after!

1. Don’t sleep away the whole morning

Yes, we get you have stuff to do and places to be at. Which is why: wake up slightly earlier and actually get some time together before you have to rush-rush-rush and get going! It’s much nicer than waking up and jumping right out of bed and heading out without time for even a proper goodbye. Trust us!

perfect morning after

2. Just lie around in bed, cuddling or talking for a while

Spend some time just lazing around in bed with each other. Cuddle, talk, whatever you want! Nothing as intimate as being in bed, even if you’re not actually having sex!

3. One of you get out of bed and make some breakfast!

Whether you get out of bed and cook up a quick breakfast - or convince him to do it - eating breakfast in bed together is just grand! Put on an episode of your favourite show or just chat while you eat. It will make your morning routine a lot nicer!

perfect morning after

4. Have a quickie

You may have had sex the night before, but morning sex is a whole different category altogether. Nothing like a quick session to get you going and charged up for the rest of your day. Seriously! You will love it - and needless to say, so will he!

5. Invite him to join you in the shower before heading out

You’re going to have a shower before heading out, aren’t you? And so is he (we hope!). Why not spice it up a bit and invite him in?! This will keep him thinking of you not only all morning, but all day too!

perfect morning after

6. Give him an intense goodbye kiss

Don’t just wave goodbye and rush out. Now that the rest of your morning has been special, make sure the goodbye is special too! Before you walk out of the door, give him a nice long kiss that leaves him tingling all over.

7. Acknowledge what a great time you had

And last, but not the least, before heading out of that door, tell him what a great time you had, and how much you’re looking forward to doing this again. He will be smiling from ear to ear - and so will you, undoubtedly!

perfect morning after

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