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#HelloGorgeous: 5 Simple Ways To Deal With Spots

#HelloGorgeous: 5 Simple Ways To Deal With Spots
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, as you age, spots and fine lines begin to appear on the face. We may try as many remedies as we’d like, but till the time we get our basics right, those spots aren’t going anywhere! How’re they caused? Mainly due to excessive production of melanin on the skin. However, factors like sun exposure, hormone imbalance, lack of sleep and vitamin deficiency also contribute heavily to their formation. The good news is - if you get your basic beauty routine right, you can wave those pesky spots byebye! Here’s what you need to keep in mind when trying to get rid of spots. Remember: a little effort goes a long way! 

1. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

No, by aerated drinks we don’t mean Cokes and Pepsis and Sprites of the world. Skip the aerated drinks, and pick up that bottle of water already! Water helps you flush out your body’s toxins, improving the texture of your skin. Another liquid you should absolutely be consuming is green tea - this light tea is packed with an anti-inflammatory chemical called catechin, which helps fight free radicals and bacteria on your skin. Remember that the next time you go grocery shopping! get rid of spots

2. Fruits And Greens Are Your Best Friends

Grapefruits, oranges, melons and berries, in particular, are loaded with vitamins and minerals, which are essential for healthy skin (these babies are responsible for giving your skin that healthy glow). Also, don’t forget to go green with vegetables like lettuce and broccoli. Lettuce contains zinc, which helps repair damaged skin cells, regulates oil glands and destroys bacteria; and our beloved broccoli contains vitamin C and antioxidants that fight inflammations. Choosing a salad over pizza has more health benefits than you’d thought!

3. Cover Up Right!

Whether you’re stepping out for a party or just grabbing lunch with the girls - you obviously want to look your best at all times! And since you can’t make those dark spots disappear suddenly, a good way to cover them up, while working on reducing them, is to apply Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream.Thanks to its SPF content, this cream provides all-day radiance, instant spot coverage, and works towards lightening spots from the inside. And, it’s handy - just in case! get rid of spots

4. Taking Care Of Your Skin Is A Necessity, Not An Option!

Before you apply any product over your dark spots, wash your face first! The idea is to NOT cover your dirty pores up with makeup, which will lead to further skin problems. Before getting ready, take a hot shower or a steam bath that allows your pores to relax and open up. Use a scrub to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and bacteria. Doing this on a weekly basis is bound to reduce those dark spots!

5. Fix An Appointment With The Dermatologist

To know more about your dark spots, consult a dermatologist. Judging by how serious the spots on your face are, and how long they’ve been around, he/she will prescribe the kind of treatment your skin needs. Besides, seeing a professional never hurt anyone! Don’t be lazy! get rid of spots Images: Shutterstock *This is a sponsored post for Pond’s BB Cream. Ponds BB cream