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FINALLY! How To Get Rid Of That Pesky Underarm Bulge

FINALLY! How To Get Rid Of That Pesky Underarm Bulge
Are you hesitant about flaunting your arms and shoulders because of your underarm bulge? Trust us, you’re not alone in this - we all dread it! We understand why some of us steer clear of clothes like strapless, halter, sleeveless, tank and tube tops. But there’s always a way out! With just a little bit of effort at home, you can strengthen your upper body and help it remain flab-free. Here are 6 exercises that will help you get rid of that annoying armpit bulge in no time! You got this!

1. Lift Those Weights

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Believe it or not - lifting weights can work wonders for armpit fat. It not only focuses on strengthening your shoulder line, but also tones up your arms.

Step 1: Place a yoga mat on the floor and lie on your back.

Step 2: Now, lift those dumbbells (whatever weight you’re comfortable with) and raise your arms towards the ceiling!

Step 3: Count for 5 seconds and bend your arms to the sides, keeping your arms two inches from the floor.

Step 4: After counting another 5, raise your arms back to the ceiling.

Step 5: Then bring the weights together over your chest. (This counts as one set)

2. Try A Few Push Ups

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Any gym trainer will tell you that doing push-ups is the best way to lose armpit fat and tone your arms. And they’re right!

Step 1: Lie straight on the floor and make sure your body is horizontally facing the ground.

Step 2: Now comes the tricky part - place your hands wider than your shoulders and place your feet together.

Step 3: Bend your elbows, count till 3, and raise your body up again.

Step 4: Get back to initial position and do the same exercise a couple of more times.

3. Get Yourself A Skipping Rope

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Skipping ropes aren’t just meant for children! It not only helps you burn fat, it also helps tone arms and thighs, while stretching your muscles and increasing flexibility.

Step 1: Pick up the jump rope with both your hands.

Step 2: Depending on the speed, start skipping, then hoping.

Step 3: As you skip and hop, ensure that both your hands are extended from the side.

Step 4: Once that’s done, start making bigger circles and taking faster hops.

4. Give Chair Dips A Shot

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You don’t need to go to the gym for this exercise - it can be done using your furniture at home. A chair should do the trick. Chair dips are the perfect way to reduce fat and tone your arms.

Step 1: Pick a chair that’s 2 or 3 feet above the ground.

Step 2: Face away from the chair and only place your hands on its seat

Step 3: Keeping your arms shoulder width apart, keep your upper body straight and move 3 to 4 steps away from the furniture. (This is your starting position)

Step 4: Now, gently bend your elbows and move your body to the ground (your aim should be to touch the floor).

Step 5: Come back to your initial position and do at least 3 sets more.

5. Learn How To Do Arm Circles

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It’s simple and effective at the same time! Doing arm circles on a regular basis helps keep the armpit bulge away. In the bargain, it also strengthens and tones your arms, shoulders, biceps and back muscles.

Step 1: Stand with your feet apart.

Step 2: Now, extend your arms to your sides and raise them to shoulder height.

Step 3: Start by doing 50-60 round circles by rotating your arms in a forward direction.

Step 4: Switch and do the rotations backwards.

6. Play With An Exercise Ball

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The exercise ball works on sculpting your arms and abdominal and back muscles. Play with this baby for 20 minutes and your body will tone up in no time.

Step 1: On a yoga mat, sit on your knees and place both your fists on the exercise ball.

Step 2: Using your fists to balance your body on the ball, gently pull your body back and forth.

Step 3: Do 3 sets of this exercise and break for a minute after every set.


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