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7 Reasons You Should Thank Your Ex (You Heard That Right!)

7 Reasons You Should Thank Your Ex (You Heard That Right!)
Your breakup may have left you slightly heart broken and maybe a little bitter. But there are also some things our past relationships have taught us that we never really think about. Things that we actually should be thankful for! Here are 7 reasons you need to thank your ex!

1. For teaching you to fight fair

You may not have always fought fair earlier, but you know better now. You still fight occasionally, of course, but you’ve learnt that once those words leave your lips, you can never, ever take them back. You’ve been at the receiving end of it too, and you know words can hurt! Something you may not have realised before, but you sure do now! reasons to thank your ex

2. For helping you realise that literally nothing is the end of the world

Even a heart break! You thought you were in love and couldn’t live without him. But look at you doing just fine now! Your life will not come to a standstill if you don’t let it.

3. For helping you understand what you are and are not okay with

You know what you want out of a relationship now. You have a better idea about the kind of person you want to be with or not want to be with. You know the things that make you angry and the things that make you happy! reasons to thank your ex

4. For helping you become more of your own person

Whether or not you compromised on things you didn’t have to or want to in a relationship, you’ve grown from those experiences. You’ve learnt lessons that are invaluable and love yourself more than ever!

5. For actually introducing you to people who are now good friends!

Yes! You may have broken up with him now, but some of the people you met through him still continue to be close to your heart and are still great friends! reasons to thank your ex

6. For forcing you to sit through games that you now love and understand!

Yea, okay fine. You weren’t exactly a football buff before he came along. You didn’t even really understand the game, to be honest! But guess what? You do now! You love it and even have your very own favourite team. :D

7. For all the good times!

You may not be together now, but you did have some great times when you were still together. You may have had your ups and downs, but you had your fun times too. And for that, you ought to thank them. :) reasons to thank your ex GIFs: tumblr, giphy  MUST-READ: #MovingOn: How to Be Friends With an Ex MUST-READ: 8 Things That Will Happen If You Get Back with Your Ex