So He Doesn't Like You Back? It's Okay - Here's How To Deal

So He Doesn't Like You Back? It's Okay - Here's How To Deal
Dealing with rejection is never easy, especially when it comes to someone we like. A heartbreak makes us second-guess ourselves and, sometimes, even our approach and perspectives towards life itself. Thus, it becomes important that we deal with it in a way that doesn't crush our spirit or affect our everyday lives. We bring you 10 ways to deal when the guy you like doesn't like you back...

1. Distract yourself

No matter how many times this has been said in the past, this definitely is one of the best pieces of advice anyone can give you. You need something to take your mind off the rejection. So, pick up a new hobby, read a book or do a movie marathon - whatever suits you - and simply put in all your energy into keeping yourself from reliving the incident.

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2. Meet new people

This one is sure-shot effective. There’s a simple logic to it - new people don’t know (and don't really care) about what's happened already. So no lingering over it or discussing it!  Also, meeting new people will help you gain a fresh perspective, a fresh take on life, and that’ll inspire to get past this rejection and move ahead in your life.

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3. Keep your thoughts under check

You become what you think - and right now you are at the risk of thinking of yourself as a victim. Nothing good can of that. You need to take control of your life, and your heart, and keep a steady check on your thoughts. The minute you find them veering in “his” direction, take control and deliberately think happy thoughts!

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4. Don’t take yourself too seriously

Seriously. You’re not the first person who’s going through this, and you definitely will not be the last. Stop giving the rejection so much attention - accept that it happened to you, like it happens to so many other people, and LET IT GO.

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5. Do what Kareena did in Jab We Met

No, don’t pick that phone up and start swearing! We just want you to try and take the pain out of the whole situation by laughing at it and not letting it prick at you any more. All you need to do is get together with a couple of close friends and let them make light of this whole rejection incident. Humour heals everything, and adding their perspective to the situation will help by leaps and bounds.

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6. Do NOT question yourself

It’s only obvious that you’ll start to second-guess everything you did when it came to trying to woo him, but honestly, that’s the worst thing you can do to yourself right now. He rejected you - his loss! You are fabulous the way you are.. So, chin up and walk on!

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7. Don’t obsess over what you did wrong OR could have done right

What’s done is done, and there is absolutely nothing that you can do to change it. Obsessing over him and repeatedly thinking about everything you did wrong or could have done right will only make you feel helpless! You’ll only be wasting time over something you don’t exercise any control over. So, take it as a learning lesson and get moving with life.

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8. Do NOT entertain thoughts of him

If you have that itch of trying once again, or even giving him a piece of your mind - DON’T! Nothing productive is going to come out of it. That itch will slowly fade away. Just give it time.

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9. Be glad he didn't lead you on

There was a high possibility that he would've led you on endlessly, only to say something else one fine day, when you would've been much deeper into it. Be thankful that you didn't have to go through that. If it IS a no, earlier you get to know the better. Count your blessings, girl!

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10. Don’t bottle up your emotions

Shout and cry if you like, but don’t get into the habit of breaking down too often - that will just make you feel weak. Instead, do something that empowers you while letting your emotions out  - try to write down your feelings, if it makes you feel better, or get a new haircut to mark a positive change. Let those feelings out and then let them go!

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