Yeh Filmy Dil! 10 Bollywood Moments EVERY Girl Wants To Live

Yeh Filmy Dil! 10 Bollywood Moments EVERY Girl Wants To Live
If you’ve been brought up on a staple diet of Bollywood movies, you’re basically the same as us! Growing up, we’ve found ourselves oohing, aahing and falling in love with our favourite movies, all the while silently wishing we were actually in the movies! Trust us – we know how that feels. Here’s a list of Bollywood moments EVERY girl wishes would happen to her, at least once in her life! *Dramatic sigh!*

1. "Pyaar Dosti Hai" - a la Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

The movie that made so many hearts flutter gave us the three most adorable characters of all time: Rahul, Anjali and Tina! And let’s face it - whether or not we were about to sooner or later, it made us fall in love with our boy bestie instantly. If we weren’t thinking it before, we were surely thinking it post the movie – Pyaar Dosti Hai! And that beautiful, poignant moment where Rahul and Anjali meet at the summer camp after so many years...kissi se abh kya kehna?

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2. The Grand Adventure - a la Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Now now, we know, this movie is what bromance dreams are made up of. But why should boys have all the fun? Just imagine taking off with your two closest gals and gallivanting all across the beautiful landscape of Spain – that too before one of you is about to tie the knot! Oh and not to mention, the surprise adventure sports idea is a once-in-a-lifetime thrill, and you just know this trip would change you in inexplicable ways! If only, right?

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3. Reappearence Of A Childhood Love - a la Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

This KJo always hits us in the sweet spot, and this movie was filled with many great moments - ones that we (clearly) remember even years later! But hello – we are still waiting for the neighbourhood boy who bullied us when we were small to turn into a green-eyed Adonis called Hrithik Roshan! Because forever and for always – “We loveeee Laddoo!” ;)

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4. Life-Changing Chance Meetings - a la Jab We Met

Let’s face it; this is the movie where Kareena and Shahid made such a big place for themselves in our hearts! From the lovely North-Indian backdrop to the interesting characters, there are so many moments we loved in this feel-good film! But nothing beats the many moments an unwitting Geet spent with a much-too-stuck-up Aditya Kashyap – leading him to marvel at her! Remember the way he looked at her (with those doting eyes) and said, “Tu original piece hai. Tumhe uthakar museum mein rakhna chahiye ...ticket lagni chahiye tumhe dekhne ke liye.” Hayyyeee! When are we ever going to meet a stranger on a train to Delhi who is even half as cute as Shahid Kapoor?

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5. Oh, Hey There Prince Charming! - a la Khoobsurat

This movie has Fawad Khan – bas, we’ve made our point! But seriously, which girl in her right mind will not dream of landing a job with the royal family only to fall in love with Yuvraj Vikram Singh Rathore, the prince! The adorable-yet-ditzy Sonam Kapoor actually makes you relate to her character who finds the royal family too disciplined for her liking! The many sparks that fly around between Sonam and Fawad make us seriously jealous throughout the movie, but the way he asks her family for her hand in marriage towards the end, makes us really wait for our prince charming to show up at our doorstep! Seriously, unless he got hit by a bus...there’s no explanation for how late he is!

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6. Friendship Goals - a la Dostana

When you have two hotties like John and Abhishek vying for your love against the picturesque sunsets of Miami – you too will want to be Priyanka Chopra! Even though their arrangement was a bit strange - and even though they faked being gay just so that they could live with her - this movie gave us all the friendship feels in the world! Especially that scene where PC is crying because she didn’t get a promotion and the two of them totally have her back - that’s when you realize the one lesson worth learning in life – if you’ve got great friends, you’ve got everything!. Not to mention how they propose to Bobby Deol at the end of the movie. We all want friends like these, amirite?

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7. Taking The Right Chances - a la Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

We have all had that moment which Naina has right at the beginning of the movie - where you just want to do something so uncharacteristic of yourself and run away for a bit! No, seriously - the only difference is that we probably think it and let it pass. But Naina (played by the gorgeous Deepika) took that chance and went on a trip of a lifetime, where she obviously met her future best friend AND future husband. Sigh! We also want Bunny to say sorry to us for ignoring us in school, “Hi Naina! Kaisi ho, Naina?”. We would melt right there! What say?

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8. Seeking True Love - a la Student Of The Year

While Shanaya (Aliaa Bhat) and Rohan (Varun Dhawan) are childhood sweethearts, it’s evident that theirs is a love story that’s a bit forced, if anything. They’ve shown how Rohan keeps flirting with other girls and Shanaya gets upset, but puts up with it nonetheless. Enter Abhimanyu (Sidharth) who is attracted to Shanaya at first, just like any other boy would be! But he dismisses her as “not his type” because he knows that she’s already taken. But an unlikely friendship forms between the two, and the minute it does – you know that’s love right there! The way Abhi helps Shanaya gain the attention of Rohan is nothing short of adorable. It’s moments like these that remind you that some guys should NOT be in the friend zone. After all, didn’t the two end up happily married? GOALS, we tell ya!

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9. The Reunion - a la Dil Dhadakne Do

There are so many things to take home from this recent pot boiler, and no, we are not talking about Ranveer Singh! Okay, maybe we are, but we’ll get to that later. Point is the movie was quite a window to complex relationships in elite India, and how they evolve over time! We loved the sibling relationship shown between PC and Ranveer – the way they get each other, no one else does! And how crazy would it be to roam the world on a cruise with your family...but the only thing that can top that is your one true love (also known as your childhood bestie) resurfacing! Sigh – Farhan Akhtar, you with your raspy voice and cocky smile – have our hearts forever and ever! PS: Love how you said you would wait for your lady love at the end. Again, when exactly will this happen to us?

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10. "Palat" - a la Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Did you *really* think we were going to leave out the one movie that has left the biggest mark on our entire lives? Seriously, when Simran met Raj it gave girls world over hope that no matter how mischievous or childish a boy may seem – when he’s in love, it’s a whole different story! Thank God bauji allowed her, for Simran going on that one-month Euro trip with her girls (again, goals!) and then meeting and falling in love with a complete stranger is what all our dreams have been made of since! Just so you know, Raj, had it been us, we of course would “palat” too!

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