No Frizz, No Tangles: How To Dry Your Curls The RIGHT Way!

No Frizz, No Tangles: How To Dry Your Curls The RIGHT Way!
Do you feel like your hair is less about gorgeous kinks and curls, but more about frizz and tangles? You could be using the best styling products available for curly hair, but the way you dry your hair might be the real reason why your locks don’t look as amazing as you would like! We tell you the best ways to dry curly hair that are sure to make you fall in love all over again with your unruly affair.

1. Drop That Towel

The biggest mistake most of us make is drying our hair with our towel once we’re out of the shower. Normal terry-cloth towels absorb too much moisture and cause plenty of frizz. What you need is a micro-fibre towel or cotton T-shirt to dry your hair - by gently blotting it instead of rubbing it.

best ways to dry curly hair

2. Practice Plopping

The standard towel turban is a big no-no as it causes frizz and won’t give you properly defined curls. Instead, you need to learn to plop. It’s a simple, no-heat technique that gives you gorgeous curls minus the frizz. All you need is an old cotton T-shirt with long sleeves. Once you’ve applied your curl cream, gel or mousse, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Spread your T-shirt (or even a cotton cloth) over a chair or any flat surface, then bend down and place your head in the centre, so that all your curls are on the top of your head and plopped against it.

Step 2: Wrap the back of the T-shirt along the back of your head and nape of your neck and wrap the front along your forehead. Take the sides and sleeves and twist them away from your face.

Step 3: Once you’ve twisted them tight enough, stand up and tie the twisted sleeves together or secure with bobby pins.

You may feel ridiculous with a bonnet on your head, but this is one technique that curly-haired girls around the world are swearing by. Let it be for however long you want-  we think about 20 minutes is enough. Once you let your curls down, don’t touch them while they’re wet, or you’ll spoil their definition and create frizz.

Check out this super video that shows you how to plop right!

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3. Dry Them Au Naturel

Air-drying your hair is super-simple and doesn’t require any work. Simply add your products or leave-in before stepping out of the shower. Then, blot your curls with a T-shirt or micro-fibre towel. You can also use your hands to scrunch your locks a few times, by cupping sections of hair and scrunching. After that, let your hair air-dry, making sure not to touch it at all while it’s damp to prevent frizz. Air-drying may take time, so remember to be patient.

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4. Plug In Your Diffuser

If you don’t have time to air-dry your mane, then diffusing is a quick way to dry your hair and gives you more defined curls. After you’ve applied your products, attach the diffuser to your hair dryer and use it to scrunch your hair towards your scalp. You can flip your hair over and do this for some extra volume. Use it till your locks are about 70% dry, and then let your newly defined curls air-dry. We think this helps avoid frizz, but make sure not to touch your strands till they are completely dry.

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5. Put Down That Hair Brush

Yes, we know that curly hair tends to get tangled and knotted easily, but brushing your hair when dry never ends well. It only leads to more frizz, and let’s not even talk about how pouf-y it makes your hair look! The best time to detangle your locks is in the shower while your conditioner is on - use your fingers or run a comb through your strands. You can also brush out tangles before stepping into the shower if you like. If you absolutely can’t wait to brush out those knots till your next wash, then use a comb to gently detangle on the second day.


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