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REVEALED! Best Kept Beauty Secrets From Our Fav Celebs!

REVEALED! Best Kept Beauty Secrets From Our Fav Celebs!
Our fav celebs have great hair, great skin and great bodies. And for good reason too. They take care of themselves and keep their beauty routines in check! If you’ve ever wondered how to get Alia’s glowing skin or Katrina’s great hair, you’re in for some luck. We reveal some of the best-kept celebrity beauty secrets!

1. Deepika Padukone never skips applying a good amount of SPF

celeb beauty secrets Deepika has ever-glowing skin that just doesn’t seem to age. Now we know why! She never walks out of her house without using a good amount of sunscreen on her face, and all over her body. And neither should you. It’s a great way to delay those wrinkles and fine lines from appearing!

2. Sonam Kapoor always washes and moisturizes her face before going to bed

celeb beauty secrets Now, we all know this is super important if you want to wake up with skin that is fresh and glowing. Sonam Kapoor can’t ignore this fact either. She makes it a point to remove her makeup with a gentle makeup remover, wash her face thoroughly and moisturize before hitting the bed. So, this is why she has skin that looks so young and fresh always!

3. Nargis Fakhri drinks plenty of water AND coconut water

celeb beauty secrets Nargis Fakhri drinks water and coconut water in plenty, and we can all see what great skin and a body she has! Coconut water contains properties that are great for our hair and skin! It also facilitates digestion and therefore boosts weight loss.

4. Halle Berry uses ground coffee as an exfoliant

celeb beauty secrets Yes, that’s right - ground coffee CAN be a great exfoliant, and our celebrities know that! Adding a small amount of ground coffee to your regular body wash can actually help increase blood flow. The mild exfoliation it offers is great to achieve that smooth skin. And we always wondered how Halle Berry has skin that looked so perfect!

5. Hilary Duff uses primer before applying makeup

celeb beauty secrets Using primer is a great way to seal your pores and soften your skin before applying makeup. It ensures that your makeup looks smooth and even all day long. Hilary Duff keeps her makeup looking fresh all day thanks to this little trick!

6. Katrina Kaif deeply conditions her hair at least once a week

celeb beauty secrets Katrina Kaif has gorgeous hair, and for good reason! She makes sure she deeply conditions her hair, at least once a week. Whether it’s by giving her hair a good oil massage and leaving it in for a while or applying a good conditioner after shampooing. Conditioning is essential to make your hair look nourished. And if you’re styling your hair often, apply a leave-in conditioner before, just like this star does!

7. Shradha Kapoor lets her skin be!

celeb beauty secrets While it may be tempting to apply this pack and get that facial, because you think it is beneficial for your skin, overdoing it could have the exact opposite effect. Shraddha Kapoor believes in the power of actually leaving your skin alone, as often as possible. Even in terms of makeup, she believes in using concealer for coverage rather than going all out with different makeup products. No wonder she has such amazing skin!

8. Alia Bhatt exercises and keeps a check on her eating habits

celeb beauty secrets We all love Alia Bhatt. She’s beautiful, full of energy and always manages to look fresh! And her secret is that she exercises and eats just right! She makes it a point to include fresh fruits and vegetables to her diet and tries to exercise at least 3 times a week. No wonder she’s always glowing! Images: Viral Bhayani, MUST-READ: The 6 CUTEST Celeb Birthday Parties! (Where’s MY Invite?!) MUST-READ: #WOW: 6 Tricks To Steal From Our Fav Celeb’s Stylists!