#BetterTogether: 12 Signs Your Relationship Is Good For You!

#BetterTogether: 12 Signs Your Relationship Is Good For You!
Being with a person changes you in ways you’d not known before. You happily acquire skills and habits that originally belonged to your guy and make them your own, like they were yours to begin with! The kind of relationship you are in does effect your mental and physical being - a happy relationship, thus, ends up making you a better, more positive, happier person. How do you know if you’re in one? Watch out for these signs...

1. You notice yourself becoming a kinder person

The things that did not register with you earlier, you’re finding yourself actually caring about them - be it that street dog you’ve started feeding of late or that girl at work/college you’ve finally started talking to after her repeated attempts. A positive relationship does make you appeal to your softer side. :)

2. You rediscover the passion within you

This underlying urge you discover, of living life to the fullest, makes you come face-to-face with passions long forgotten. If you find yourself being pulled towards gardening again or taking up that photography course you’ve always wanted to, you know your relationship is having a positive impact on you as a person.

relationship passionate

3. You become more accepting of people

People come from different backgrounds and cultures; once you find yourself getting used to his way of life, you begin respecting, appreciating and admiring other people’s beliefs and points of view!

4. Stability comes naturally to you now

Remember all those crazy mood swings? Well, they’re slowly becoming a thing of the past. PMS time excluded, of course!

relationship mood swings

5. Patience is not forced anymore

Love takes time, feelings take time, amazing relationships take time in the making - while the waiting period can be testing, it teaches you to be a calmer, more sorted-out person. Doesn’t it?

6. You start to think beyond yourself

Love thrives on the art of giving. Be it picking up his favourite chocolate from the grocery store or getting him that shirt he liked two months ago - thinking about yourself first is not the order of the day anymore!

becoming a better person selfless

7. You don’t mind taking charge

Self-confidence is a virtue not many possess, but a great relationship makes you a more self-assured person - you learn to lead as well as you like being led by your loved one. That’s what great partnerships are all about!

8. Persistency becomes second nature

When you are in a positive relationship, the whole idea of giving-up goes out of the window. As time passes, you find yourself more and more determined to make things work, especially when the going gets tough.

becoming a better person give up

9. You become more open to new learning

You know that a good conversation can take your interaction with him to the next level. And you don’t shy away from making an extra effort for the same - and this means going beyond reading your Twitter and Facebook feed.

10. Now, trust comes easy

Sounds clichéd, but every relationship is based on trust. While you know that the world is a big, bad place, you trust him to always do the right thing. You find yourself trusting him increasingly, even beyond the relationship.

becoming a better person trust

11. And you’re a stronger person for it

Seeing each other through numerous ups and downs has given you the confidence that no matter what life throws at you, you’ll be able to handle it.

12. There’s no space for negativity

When your friends complain about their relationships or partner, you genuinely have nothing to contribute, because deep down, you love him so, so much!

becoming a better person 12

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