22 AWESOME Things About Being Twenty-Two!

22 AWESOME Things About Being Twenty-Two!
You are young AND an adult, and there is nothing not to love about those two words spoken together! At 22, you've just passed the 21-year-old “no one really treats you like an adult” stage and are still far away from “having to take care of EVERYTHING in life” stage. So, if you are sailing through this in-between age, you’ll love our list of 22 things that make being a 22 just SO awesome!

1. Exam days are SO over!

After all those hard years of studying endlessly only to scribble on a sheet for three long hours, the rest of your exam-free life has FINALLY begun!

being 22

2. You’re probably the youngest person in office and LOVE when people turn around and say “Just 22?!”

Yeah, young AND on track.

3. “Broke girl” days from college are over!

You have monthly cheques from office. No longer do you have to depend on pocket money from your parents!

being 22

4. And that gap between you and your parents? Age has finally begun to bridge it!

Who woulda think?! AND they don’t give you so much gyan about “responsibility” any longer.

5. You’re getting used to making your own decisions (and loving it!)

Staying back late at office for work, doing a weekend getaway with friends, returning home really, really late after a “dinner party” - you don’t have to wait around for mummy-papa ki permission anymore!

being 22

6. Monday blues? What Monday blues?

The 9-to-5 schedule is still new to you, and you’re rather happy about returning to office every Monday. EMBRACE this!

7. And oh, how you love saying, “Here's my business card”, “Leaving the city for office work”, “Need to attend this meeting” or “Have to make that PPT”.

You’re becoming a pro, yo!

being 22

8. You’re discovering a whole new world of things your body can survive!

We’re referring to the “work all day - party all night - drink like a fish - dance in high heels - take a shower - make it just in time for work” schedule your body has gotten only too used to by now. :-D

9. You’re old enough to survive a heartbreak…

But young enough to not be totally cynical about love!

being 22

10. Yeah, you’re a grown-up, but not so old that people are harassing you about it!

Marriage and kids don’t figure prominently in the 5-year plans, and that’s totally okay!

11. Although you heard last month about that classmate who got married.


being 22

12. Weekends mean 48 FREE hours

With NO homework. We CANNOT emphasize this enough!

13. You still have your group of besties from school and college…

And it’s GREAT actually making “plans” to meet up with them! You no longer just hang out because you basically see each other all the time.

being 22

14. And when you DO meet, you have so much “working life” stories to discuss!

Didn’t we tell you we like going to office?

15. You finally don’t have anyone telling you how to spend your time

Except your boss in office. :P

being 22

16. You can relate to 90s’ Bollywood as much as you do with T.Swift’s 22

Hey, it’s all about fusion, man!

17. You ACTUALLY have a say in grown-up conversations now

“I think we should…” you say, and people AGREE.

being 22

18. But you can still totally relate to all the troubles of youth

Hey, you’re 22, not 100!

19. Your juniors from school and college turn to YOU for advice now

And you just love how they admire you!

being 22

20. And your younger cousins are all so jealous of your independence

You sometimes don’t know what to do with all this adoration! :-P

21. When you hear of people’s success, you don’t feel that threatened…

Hey, man, I’m gonna OVERTAKE you!!!

being 22

22. After all, you have time AND energy on your side

RELISH this phase!

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