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10 AMAZING Traits Of A Cancerian Girl!

10 AMAZING Traits Of A Cancerian Girl!
The birth month of the gorgeous Cancerian girl is here! Let’s be honest, we know we love this sun sign for their honesty and loyalty and nonchalant ease - and that charm! So, we’ve taken on the duty of listing out a few things we absolutely adore about the Cancerian woman - these are the 10 amazing traits that make her awesome as she is!

1. She Makes For A Great Friend

Cancerian women know how to make a friendship last a lifetime. If they think you’re worth their attention, care and love, they will happily hand themselves to you, wholeheartedly. Rest assured, she will be there for you through good AND bad. Once she’s given you her word, she will stick to it, no matter what! traits of a cancerian

2. She’ll Forever Be Loyal

Once she says she loves you, she’s in it for the long haul. Just know that a lot of thought and introspection has gone into the process of you being chosen by her. If she’s with you right now, hold onto her, she’s a keeper! traits of a cancerian

3. She’s A Great Listener

Good news or bad, she’s all ears, always. She loves listening to what her loved ones have to say, and being their pillar of strength. What’s more - she will also have great advice to offer! She will never say anything that will bring you down. So, you can count on her if you’re having a bad day! traits of a cancerian

4. She Knows Her Priorities

Very rarely does she ask you to help her out in decision-making. She’s super sorted, and will always land up making the right choices. If she’s dicey about a situation, she will opt out without thinking twice. She’s a rational thinker, which is what makes her stick to her decisions all the way! traits of a cancerian

5. She’s A Free Spirit

If this woman wants something, you can’t tie her down. She will do whatever it takes (after weighing the pros and cons, of course!) to get she wants. This spirited attitude of hers is what makes her the most loved one in her group of friends. traits of a cancerian

6. She Makes For A Great Life Partner

She’s the real deal, boys! There’s nothing about this woman we don’t like. She will stand by your side when you hit rock bottom, and will love and support you all through. Honestly, what more could you ask for?! traits of a cancerian

7. She Has A BIG Heart

Need a confidence boost? Ask her. Need a hug? Ask her. Need advice? Ask her. Basically, she’s more of a giver than a receiver. She genuinely wants to help her loved ones in whatever way she can. If you need help, she’ll be at your doorstep at any given time of the day. traits of a cancerian

8. She Is Comfortable In Her Own Skin

The Cancerian woman is her own powerhouse - she doesn’t need your opinions to make her feel better about herself. She’s very secure of who she is as a person, and knows her self worth. This confidence is exactly what makes her super sexy! traits of a cancerian

9. She Is Emotionally Stable

Though most of her decisions are based on emotions, a Cancerian woman knows how to channel her energy, and rarely does she ever blow things out of proportion (unless you REALLY piss her off, of course!). She knows exactly when to voice her opinion, and when to remain shut! traits of a cancerian

10. She Is Very Creative

When she’s not working, she’s probably thinking up ideas to recycle things and save the planet! She loves getting absorbed in such creative thoughts from time to time - ideas and creativity come naturally to her. Brainstorming brings her solace, and she’s always doodling and penning down things. You go, girl! traits of a cancerian GIFs: Imgur, Tumblr, giphy MUST-READ: How Emotional Are You? Let’s See What Your Zodiac Says… MUST-READ: 10 Reasons Why We Love Cancerian Women!