#Aww: 11 Ways He Doesn't Even Know He's Being Adorable!

#Aww: 11 Ways He Doesn't Even Know He's Being Adorable!
Let’s just put this out there - our guys have their fair share of adorable moments! And they’re especially cute when they don’t know they’re being so. And you know what’s great about it? You get to appreciate what he is doing when he doesn’t even know he’s doing it - so when you show him your appreciation, it comes as a surprise to him, making him happy and even more adorable than before!

1. When he buys you something that you pointed at one time in a shop window and then makes it out to be no big deal that he remembered!

adorable things guys do 1

2. When he gets all fidgety while watching a rom-com with you because he’s getting emotional too!

3. When he grows his stubble out a bit just to avoid having that perfect baby face!

adorable things guys do 2

4. When he coughs and clears his throat because you caught him singing along to his favourite (and really silly) song on the radio!

5. When he plays the whole “oh I forgot this was even here” card after you spot an old picture of him and his boys hanging in his room!

adorable things guys do 5

6. When he knows you’re possibly PMS-ing, but that it’s totally uncool to actually say it, and instead asks you if you want something nice to eat, and maybe a backrub.

7. When he randomly turns over in his sleep and cuddles you tight!

adorable things guys do 7

8. When he stops putting on a show and actually indulges in gossip and gets sucked into conversations with his guy friends when they’re hanging out together!

9. When he ruffles through his hair with a towel just after he’s come out of a shower!

adorable things guys do 9

10. When he follows up on something you were talking about earlier in the week - after all, it’s nice to know he cares about the stuff that makes you tick!

11. When he uses the word “aww” when commenting on something that you’re doing or saying. It’s just such a sweet word to convey the fact that he thinks you’re just as adorable as you think him!

adorable things guys do 11

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