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How Bad Is Your Temper? Let's See What Your Zodiac Says...

How Bad Is Your Temper? Let's See What Your Zodiac Says...
Do you find yourself getting annoyed super-easily? Do your patience levels run out before you even know it? Are you fondly called “The Great Hulk” because all your friends know that when you lose it you REALLY lose it?! What if we told you that it was not you alone to blame, but your zodiac sign that was governing your temper? Hmmm! A theory worth checking out, we think. Read on to know how bad is your temper, and if your sun sign is to be blamed!


The most enthusiastic and excitable sign in the zodiac, Arians are bold people. This, like any other thing in life, comes with a flipside. When something upsets an Aries woman, she will be upfront about it. Not one to mince words, she will call a spade a spade, and will not stop at that. Arians tends to lose sight of the bigger picture and of the fact that every word that leaves their mouth has certain ramifications. But if you know and love an Aries woman, you will know that it’s not always how it sounds!

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They say if you make a Taurean angry, you will see the bull for yourself. Normally known to be the patient, dependable, tolerant ones, Taureans - just like any other humans on this planet - also have another side to them. When something pisses them off, at first they will become icy cold. But they are soon after capable of going completely ballistic and raving mad. Though, mostly, they don’t harbor resentment or anger - they will let it go, and that’s really worth learning from them.

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Often known for their mercurial nature, Geminis have many sides to their personality. They like being cool and level-headed - it’s what makes them unique. But they absolutely dislike people who try to have an opinion on their lives or people who are out to judge them. Although Geminis have a real knack for solving really complex issues with simple solutions, they are also capable of getting frazzled by simple things. It is indeed ironic, but then Geminis have always been known for their duality!

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The Cancer woman is amazingly strong, loyal, emotional and protective. She loves having the comfort of the known around her and will protect her space and her loved ones fiercely. But sometimes, Cancerians don’t understand that they attach emotion to everything - which is a rare and beautiful quality but not every sign can adapt to this. Cancerians tend to read too much into little things, and their anger comes in various stages; what starts as mere annoyance can soon escalate to a full-blown angry rant. They may not know where to stop and may say things which are a little too hurtful. But it only comes from a place where they want to either protect their loved ones or defend their own integrity.

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A lioness always leads from the front. A Leo never bothers looking back at what others think of their emotions or their reactions to situations. While this is also the most charismatic sign in the zodiac, Leos aren’t exactly known for their diplomacy. Either you are with them or you are not. Leos tend to be extreme while judging situations. This extremity sometimes leads to disappointments, and when a Leo is angry they will roar. And let’s be real - have you ever heard of a lioness who roared softly?

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Beautiful, intelligent and charming, Virgos are often known to be creatures of peace. They love great conversation and will be drawn to you if you match their relaxed temperament. They don’t feel the need to be the centre of attention – what a lovely quality that is to have in today’s world, isn’t it? Of course, they get angry too, but it’ll fester inside them far longer than it really should. When it comes out, it may be unclear what it really is about because it’s been a long time manifesting, and it may have been displaced by now.

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Librans are so sociable that at times you forget that they have their own likes, dislikes and opinions. Their charm engulfs you and they have a way of making you feel so loved and important. Librans don’t enjoy confrontation; it disturbs their balance, you see. A Libra will never give their opinion just for the sake of it. They will think about it and then act on their anger, if it all they need to in the end. While some may see this as sitting on the fence, a Libran just sees it as liking peace far more than war.

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Even though a lot has been said about the “Scorpion sting”, it’s true that a Scorpio will only get raving mad when provoked. Though Scorpions are known as the wild and passionate ones, they are pretty chilled and easy-going in all their day-to-day endeavours. Much like Cancerians, Scorpions also tend to get fiercely protective. If you cross a line (a line they would have made amply clear, mind you), then there’s no sparing you. A Scorpio never forgets a kind deed or gesture, but will also always remember someone who has harmed them or their loved ones - forever.

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Sagittarians are carefree, sincere, optimistic and stimulating, and have absolutely no patience for people who try to tie them down. Always ready to take chances and try new things, the worst thing you can do is try and convince them to slow down or change their ways. This will make them rebel and will ensure you are on their wrong side. When Sagittarians get angry, they usually become really cold and use words to make you feel really bad about the situation. But they have a tendency to digress as their anger takes over - they forget why they were originally aggravated about.

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While most Capricorns are disciplined and down to earth, with a great sense of humour, they have a whole different side to them too. They can be very rigid in their thoughts and ways; this usually doesn’t go down well with the people in their lives. This rigidity often also merges into pessimism. If they are upset about something, they tend to take this high ground wherein they start reprimanding you in general. If you don’t at the time hear a Capricorn out, and try and understand where they are coming from, you run the risk of them cutting you off!

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Though friendly and free-spirited, the Aquarius girl can be very detached too. Her intelligence makes her see things from a perspective the rest of the world may have missed. This also means that things that pass by the rest of us may irk the Aquarian more. At first there is a tendency to keep this to herself; but slowly, as things build in her head, the Aquarius lady can blow up! Oh yes, then you better be afraid, be very afraid!

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The funny thing about Pisceans is they seem really simple and unassuming, but if you get to know them better, you realize they are so strong-willed and determined! This water sign actually embodies the phrase “Still waters run deep”. They seem absolutely chilled out, but we have no idea the kind of upheaval that takes place under that exterior. Oh, and as for their temper, they will avoid confrontation, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t pissed them off. So please be happy about the fact that they aren’t addressing it yet!

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