12 Women Share: "The SWEETEST Thing He's Ever Said To Me!"

12 Women Share: "The SWEETEST Thing He's Ever Said To Me!"
You know those moments in a relationship when you just have nothing to top what your partner just said? Moments that take your breath away and leave you feeling speechless! These happen more than we realize - simply because we are not paying attention and only looking out for the obvious compliments! If you really listen to your guy, though, you will find that he is showering his love on you in more ways than first meet the eye! Here are 12 girls’ confessions about the sweetest compliment their guys have ever paid them!

1. "The first time he saw me with his nephews, he just couldn’t stop smiling. Later he told me, “You’d be such a good mum!”

2. "I beat him at his favourite game one day. When I say favourite, I mean he basically lived for it. I thought he might be a bit upset, but then he just looked at me in awe and said, “WOW!”"


3. “I met this guy at my friend’s birthday party. We stepped out for a breather and just got talking. An hour later, I asked him if he wanted to head back in, and he said, “In a bit? I’m just so happy to be sitting here and talking to you.”

4. It was his first business trip after we got married. He called me the morning after he reached, and he sounded a bit off. When I asked him what had happened, he reluctantly told me, “Not waking up to your smile really ruins my day.”

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5. We had gone grocery-shopping (no makeup and stuff) and we bumped into an old friend of mine. We used to be very competitive with each other back in school, and I was a bit upset about it. When I told him, he looked genuinely confused and said, “But you look just as pretty without makeup!”

6. One night, I had this horrible backache, so I was lying flat on my back, away from him. He said “Please get better soon. I need my cuddle-pillow back.”

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7. It was an office plus-one event, and I told him that we needed to be very careful about PDA. And he said, “But you feel so good, how can I NOT hug you?”

8. We were lying in bed and talking. I, as usual, went on and on, and he just lay there, listening. After a  I was like “Whaaat? Say something, at least!” His reply: “Sometimes, I get completely lost in what you’re saying because I can’t stop looking into your eyes.”

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9. We had been together for 4 years. College was getting over, and we were going back home to different cities. It was a mutual breakup, even with all the tears and stuff. But I won’t ever forget the last thing he told me though. “No matter what, just never change.”

10. It wasn’t something he said. He took a cue from my favourite movie and made it SO MUCH better! He texted me to come to my balcony one day. When I looked down, it was written on the pavement in candles: “To me, you’re perfect!”

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11. The time he said “You look just like your mum.” My mum is basically the best-looking woman in the world - you guys have to see her to get WHAT a compliment that is!

12. We hadn’t ever discussed having a family or even getting married! And trust me, he’s a really good-looking guy, okay. But one day, I was laughing uncontrollably at something, and he said, “I hope our babies look just like you, especially those chubby cheeks!”

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