why is he not replying to my text

29 Crazy Thoughts We ALL Have When He Doesn't Text Back!

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

Dear boys, we love you, but WHY do you torment us by not replying to our messages? In a TIMELY manner?

If you’ve ever been in this situation - and which girl hasn’t?! - we’re sure you’ve thought at least a few completely crazy things. We bring you what’s gone on with us.

1. Why is this happening to me?

why isnt he texting me 1

2. Did he break his phone?

3. Is he OKAY? What if he’s had an accident or something?

4. OMG, did the message even get delivered? Should I change my phone service provider?

5. Sh*t, maybe he noticed the typo!

why is he not texting 5

6. I can see the blue ticks. Maybe he hates me.

7. Should I send him a reminder?

8. Should I pretend the text wasn’t meant for him? (“Oops, wrong window!”)

9. I KNEW I should have put more emojis...

10. Crap, what if he doesn’t like emojis - should I have not put any?!

why is he not texting me back 10

11. What if he thinks I’m desperate?

12. Can I pretend my sister was messing with my phone?

13. I don’t have a sister. :-( But does HE know that?

14. What if I bump into him somewhere before he replies?! Should I ask him why he never replied?


15. Need to do damage control. Calling my friends now…

16. WTF, what do they mean I’m overreacting?!

why is he not replying 16


18. I’m NEVER ever texting him again.

19. Fine, I will REPLY if he sends me a text, but I’m never being the FIRST to text, again.

20. Maybe he’s online, lemme check Facebook…

why is he not replying to my text 20

21. Okay, it doesn’t matter. I don’t care. I have to move on.

22. Heyyyyyy, I’m always by the window when he texts me - maybe I’ll leave my phone there..

why is he not replying to my text 22

23. *5 minutes later* WHY HAVE YOU NOT TEXTED ME BACK?????

24. Shall I call him, and then pretend I pocket-dialled? (“Oh! Oops, LOL, don’t know how it even connected!”)

why is he not replying to my text 24

25. Maybe someone stole his phone!

26. He’s dead. He’s obviously dead. (Should I call his mom?)

why is he not replying to my text 26

27. Nah, I’m sure it’s just his battery…

28. Maybe I should buy him a juicer pack.

29. OMG, I sound crazy - even to myself!

why is he not replying to my text 29

Okay, it’s fine, he texted back. LOL.

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Published on Jun 22, 2015
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