What To Do When You're Feeling Neglected By Your Man

What To Do When You're Feeling Neglected By Your Man
Ladies, there comes a point in every relationship where we feel super-neglected by our men. Whether it’s because he’s buried in work or is seeming to take his “guy time with friends” more seriously than your relationship, it’s so easy to feel dejected, and like you and your relationship are not important to him. This is for those times.  Stop wondering how to get your stud to start paying more attention to you and stack these awesome tips up your sleeves. Trust us, if he really cares about you, he’ll be ready to focus on you soon, soon, soon!

1. Create curiosity

Don't be the girl next door. Present yourself as someone valuable and let your unique qualities stand out. Let him realize that you are the grand prize. Do not run or jump every time he calls or answer texts in nanoseconds. Plan time for yourself, and if that’s exactly when he calls, tell him politely that you will have to see him another time. It will drive up the interest factor!

neglected by your boyfriend

2. Confidence is sexy!

Show him that you are a strong, confident woman. Tell him what you want and when you want it. (Just don’t make it sound like you are being bossy or unreasonable!) Men like to rule, but they also love a woman who knows when to take control!

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3. Family and friends are key

Get on the good side of his parents and friends, and they'll keep nudging him for you! After all, if this is something that becomes long-term, you will be in each other’s lives constantly. Besides, there’s always the chance that he’s impressed by the fact that the people he loves are impressed by you. Double treat!! ;-)

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4. Never nag

Men hate it. (And don’t deny that you hate it too when you’re nagged at constantly by people!) Don’t let yourself become the “nagging girlfriend/ wife” cliche. Follow the 'No nagging, just kill 'em with kindness” mantra. Critique without criticism; avoid fighting, complaining, shouting and tears. Let him loose a bit, and find another way to articulate what’s bothering you. And sometimes, let your silence do the talking - but be sure not to freeze him out entirely! Just let him realize on his own that something is upsetting you.

neglected by your boyfriend

5. Appreciate him

Laugh and smile… Appreciate his sense of humour and, above all, appreciate him. Show genuine interest in the things he does, and praise him for what he does well. This will create an unbreakable bond between you two, and make him feel comfortable seeking you out when he needs a sounding board for anything at all.

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6. Stop trying too hard

Do the opposite. No one likes to be led, so accept that. Just relax and enjoy where you are in the relationship. The more you make it seem pressure-less, the more he will want to relax in your presence too. Prioritize things other than him too. Focus on yourself and your future - see where that takes you.

neglected by your boyfriend

7. Stay independent

Always have backups for the times he doesn't have time for you. That way, you won't  feel unvalued or have time to sink into misery over feeling neglected. A pity party is the worst thing! Go out with your girlfriends, or just for a run in the park, delete old mails, learn to crochet, sink yourself into a super-engrossing book...anything. That way, you will keep yourself occupied, and there will be no over-thinking or arguments, no huffing and puffing over trivial matters.

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8. Kiss and tell

There's nothing sweeter than a long, long kiss before broaching a serious topic. And who can argue after a hot, steamy one? ;-)

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