#BFF: How To Help Your Bestie Get Through Her Breakup

#BFF: How To Help Your Bestie Get Through Her Breakup
If your best friend is dealing with a breakup, you should know this - your presence is super important and irreplaceable! Breakups are hard and no one should have to go through them all alone. So, if your bestie is dealing with a broken heart, be there for her as much as you can. Trust us, knowing that she still has you no matter what can make this miserable time bearable. Here are some ways in which you can help your BFF through her breakup!

1. Take her out with just a bunch of girlfriends!

Nothing like a fun outing with a bunch of your close girlfriends to get your mind off things! It’s an instant mood-uplifter. You know it just as well as anyone else. :)

when your friend breaks up

2. Let her vent. Just let her

We know you’re going to end up listening to the same thing for hours and days at a stretch, but she would do the same for you! So, just let her wallow, seethe, sob and talk about it as much as she wants.

3. Listen and give her your nod of approval, even if you have to do it a thousand times

Yup, that’s right - she WILL come to you for validation. She will want to hear over and over that she has made the right decision and that she will be just fine. And she will want to hear it from you! So, do your job as her bestie right and tell her that she will pull through and be 100% okay! And obviously, help her achieve that. :)

when your friend breaks up

4. Plan a day trip or a weekend getaway

Just you and her, and probably some of her close friends. Nothing will clear her head like a weekend out of town - away from all the city madness!

5. Have a sleepover and order-in her favourite pizza!

Just have a simple, girly, old-fashioned sleepover! Watch fun movies, order in some of her favourite junk food and there you have it - the perfect night!

when your friend breaks up

6. While it's okay to be angry at someone who hurt your friend, don’t go overboard trashing her ex!

She’s angry enough and hurt as it is. Try and pull the negativity out of her life at this point instead of bitching even more about her ex. Talking about him constantly and bitching about him excessively will only make it harder for her to move on and think about better things/people!

7. Take her shopping!

Head to the mall together and for once, don’t be too good a friend - let her splurge! You know what they say, “No therapy like retail therapy”!

when your friend breaks up

8. Allow her to be a little petty (it's only temporary)

She will be expecting you to check up on her from time to time even if you’re super busy and caught up with your own life. If you don’t or can’t, she will probably be upset and might put on her sulking hat for a bit. Let it go, though! Allow her some pettiness at this point. You are her bestie after all, and if she doesn’t expect from you, then who!

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