#HappyTogether: 12 Little Ways To Show Him Your Love!

#HappyTogether: 12 Little Ways To Show Him Your Love!
So, you are in love, and he is totally into you. Kudos to that - you mostly feel like you couldn't be happier! However, just sometimes, you wish you guys could be a tiny-winy bit closer, a little more intimate… We tell you a few little things you can actually do to build that intimacy! Go on, read up, and get set to get closer to your partner!

1. Write right

Pen down a short letter, or put a post-it on his table listing the reasons you love him. You could even put a sticky note on something in the house, saying why you love it - for instance, say you adore the night lamp because it lets you both read together at night, or a note on the AC remote saying how you love it when you snuggle under the blanket when it gets freezing at night. Sigh!

2. Lighten the load

Every now and then, surprise him by doing one of his least favourite chores. Pick up the newspaper, take his car for servicing or offer to drop off the cheques for his bills. Let him know that you care. And, hey, things like clean laundry or a superb meal at his favourite restaurant never hurt!

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3. Pay him some compliments

Take time out from your busy-busy morning routine and watch him get dressed for work. Tell him how nice his shirt is. Appreciate his choice of watch. Let him know that he will rock at the meeting today. Trust us, guys like compliments just as much as girls do - they just don’t get them as often!

4. Sweeten his sweet tooth - or indulge his passion for savouries!

Bake him a cake or cookies, and serve it with his evening cuppa. Nothing melts the heart more than the whiff of freshly baked goodies. And if he’s the savoury kind of guy, go read up on how to nail a quiche! That old saying about the way to a man's heart being through his stomach - it's true.

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5. Charge him up

Men love to be in charge, so every once in a while, give him a jar to open, or a drawer knob to fix. No matter how small the task, make him feel like you could do with his help to make life a bit easier!

6. Dress up sometimes!

Never fake it, but it doesn’t hurt to sometimes make him take notice of how awesome you look! Wear clothes that accentuate your features, get a hairdo that makes you look fab, put on some makeup and a spritz of light perfume - and voila! Your confidence grows multiple folds. And who can deny that it’s a good feeling when your guy can hardly take his eyes off you!

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7. Lend him your ear

Like girls, guys too love to talk. Yes, they do. Listen calmly without any prejudice. Smile. He will appreciate your patience as well as interest in him.

8. LOL

Laugh at his jokes, and reciprocate by sharing your sense of humour with him! Love thrives on these little loveable moments and gestures.

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9. Be yourself!

Yes, it’s that simple. Be confident about yourself, share your thoughts and feelings with him. Don’t try to change your likes and dislikes according to what you think he wants - he wants you, else you wouldn’t have come this far.

10. Bring your A-game!

It works. Men like it when you flirt with them - no need to forget that just because you guys are already together! Don't hesitate to toss your hair, throw your head back and give him that look that tells him you want to devour him right away!

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11. Let him be

Give him his freedom. Let him go out with friends or play a game of cricket or whatever else he likes - WITHOUT complaining or feeling resentful. He'll respect you for it.

12. Be there

Above all, this will matter the most. Be supportive when he's down, even if it is because of a bad cold or too much stress. Food, flowers, a nice note...anything that will lift his spirits. Let him feel your love for him. :-)

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