10 ‘Compliments’ Guys Give Us That AREN’T Actually Flattering

10 ‘Compliments’ Guys Give Us That AREN’T Actually Flattering
You’d think a compliment would make a woman’s day. Well, it would, only if you do it just right! Yes, compliments too are tricky sometimes - like it or not, you have to think them through. One wrong sentence, and BOOM! These 10 things - which pretty much all of us have heard - DEFINITELY do not make us feel special! 

1. I love the fact that you're so easy to please.

Uh, are you saying I have no standards?

unflattering compliments

2. Wow! That dress makes you look so slim.

Are you calling me otherwise-fat?

3. You’re as pretty as my ex-girlfriend.

You did NOT just say that!

4. You’re way cooler than your girlfriends.

Thanks for telling me that you think the people I value are boring.

unflattering compliments

5. Nice ass!

Hey, man. That's not a compliment - that's verbal harassment.

unflattering compliments

6. You’re so amazing! How are you still single?

That’s because I think my Prince Charming got drunk and passed out on his way over. :-)

unflattering compliments

7. You’re so smart for a girl!

Hardcore Chauvinist Alert!

unflattering compliments

8. I love your hair today! 

So you're basically saying it looks like sh*t every other day?

unflattering compliments

9. You cook so well! You’d make a great wife!

Thanks for the information, but that’s not the only thing I intend to do with my life. :)

10. You remind me of my mom! 

Thanks! I love being told I don't have unique personality!

unflattering compliments

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